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    For Parents Athlete A

    "Its not that bad" is a hard mentality to get out from under....I have been guilty of that at times as well...things that have happened to me that were maybe inappropriate but paled in comparison to what others have gone through. Now that I have daughters though I agree not that bad is not good...
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    What do you think about the 20-21 season?

    We are supposed to get new comp leos this year---I am hoping we just do a fancy tank leo instead of the expensive longsleeve one just because who knows what this year will bring--and tank leos can be worn in practice and sold easier after they don't fit ;). I would rather just do some smaller...
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    Rips and Hand Sanitizer

    Maybe try and sanitizer around where the rip is...apply carefully as it were. Backs of hands and maybe fingers but not across the palm.
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    Excel vs Normal levels

    Sorry about Xcel vs Excel I work in Excel daily so thats going to be my excuse lol. o_O
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    Excel vs Normal levels

    There are two paths JO (Junior Olympic) and Excel. The Bronze, silver Platinum etc are the Excel levels and levels 1-10 are the JO levels. JO doesn't mean "Olympics" (Olympics are for those on the Elite path which is separate from JO and a whole other convo). Most kids competing for colleges...
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    Moving up levels

    It would need to be a USAG sactioned meet and you would need to meet the minimum required score for each level. So you could could compete once as a level 4, hit the score, then in the same meet compete level 5 hit the score, then you could compete level 6 after that. Level six isn't required so...
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    Return to gym stories

    DD started back yesterday. I was surprised with all they did. She did great on bars and floor took beam and vault slower (those are her less good events) she was so happy and surprised how well she did going back. She is sore today i kind of wish they had eased back into stuff but the good news...
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    We are doing 3 hours in gym and 40 min of conditioning at home so almost at full hours however if DD needs a break at first I wont be shy about letting her take a day. Also we are going on vacation July 4th through the 10th so that will give her a nice little break lol. I may have her sign on...
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    Anyone else think that COVID brought the end of gym for your gymnast?

    We start back next week (YEAH) talking with other moms there are a few on the brink I think the moms are going to push them to at least go back for a few weeks and see just to make sure its not a scared to go back kind of thing. But they are mostly middle school age which is the hard age to...
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    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    Ughhh...the first part...if the persuit of sorry if you didnt want to be excellent it wouldnt have been so bad. It puts it all back to you have to be horrible to make a good gymnast. If she had just said "If my coaching has resulted in any harm..." it would have been much...
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    Move up or repeat

    I thought my DD would repeat 6 no matter what before all this mess but she was doing really good at the end of the season and was likely going to be I'm not so sure. I think she and I would both be happy either way...just want stress free. Good thing about optionals is lots of uptraining...
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    Anyone else think that COVID brought the end of gym for your gymnast?

    My DD is almost 11 so we arent there yet but every now and again she gives me a "look" this half eye roll half you have got to be kidding me look and I say "thats it thats look I'm going to get all through high school" she doesnt quite get what I mean but I know its just on the horizon. My...
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    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    This is what gets me so confused! Don't they remember how awful it was to be coached that way, how, at times, counterproductive? We have a coach from another country with notoriously difficult coaching situations and she said she could never coach there because she never wanted to make girls...
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    Who is still paying their gym fees?

    we have a lot of zoom classes but they seem to be mixing it up a bit to keep it fun. They do some zoomba dancing in addition to traditional conditioning. I agree its hard to keep my kiddo motivated as well, the fun stuff are the skills not the conditioning. However, now that the classes are...
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    Who is still paying their gym fees?

    They did not make us pay for April but they still offered zoom classes. Now they have a set zoom schedule for smaller groups so they are charging a reduced tuition that we are paying because we are participating.
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