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    For Parents Dance Moms - Slightly Off Topic

    My DD (11) made the switch back in December from gymnastics (level 8) to competitive dance. This show was very interesting to watch, but we have yet to experience this behavior in the studio. I think it was scripted to bring more attention to the show. There are definitely crazy moms in any...
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    New Rules - Level 8

    Does anyone know if a level seven can do this bar series? Kip cast handstand, half turn, kip cast squat on - this is on the low bar.
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    For Parents Another gymmie home from Chicago Style

    can anyone tell me the name of the meet photographer?????
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    For Parents Growth Spurt Anyone???

    Luckily she is not still growing. She has stopped :) It has really only hurt her bars a little. It seems like they are not quite as easy for her as they were before?
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    For Parents Growth Spurt Anyone???

    My daughter had a HUGE growth spurt this summer, and shot up to 4 foot almost 6 inches!!! She is 9 years old. She used to be about the middle of the group, and now she is one of the tallest!!! Is that normal for 9 year olds?
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    For Parents Olympic Replica Leos!

    Yes... they are tank style. The only ones GK is selling right now are. I am sorry I did not get to post pics tonight, I will post them in the morning!
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    For Parents Olympic Replica Leos!

    We ordered the pink Nastia leo from GK for my DD for a Christmas gift, and it just came in the mail today! I thought it was ok, but in person it is MUCH prettier, and great quality! I will try to post some pictures of it tonight, I am way more impressed now that I saw it in person! Just thought...
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    For Parents Do you have a home gym/equipment

    I agree. I think with the increase of gym hours, the girls start to value there time outside of the gym. We really like to keep it seperate, we let her initiate any convos about gym other than our usual "how was gym tonight". Sometimes she will tell us a week later what happened :) I dont want...
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    For Parents Do you have a home gym/equipment

    We have a beam, and mat. She really just works routines on it. I havnt noticed it hurting her at all at gym, and alot of the girls at her gym have one.
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    For Parents Were your kids on a REC program b4 team?

    My dd had no rec experience. She had 1 year of cheerleading experience before being placed as a level 4 on team. I can definately see the advantages of having your daugter on a rec/pre team before, but can say that in the last 2 years of gym, she has caught up with all of the other girls on her...
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    For Parents Created a blog

    Thanks for letting me know. I set it to private, but that means only the people i invite are allowed to look at it. I thought maybe hey could ask to be able to see it. If you give me your email address I can send you an invitation. I may still open it to the public i havnt decided yet
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    For Parents Created a blog

    I have been thinking of starting a blog for awhile! Do you know if there is anyway to set it to private? I hate just anybody being able to watch her videos and pic's etc. The link is Lu's Gymnastics Journey
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    Let's Talk Leotards:o)

    It really is a horrible addiction! My dd love the adidas leotards, and so far we have purchased almost every new one they have! She says they are the most comfortable, and very thin. She does not like any thick material.
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    For Parents Help for her hands!!!

    Thank you for all of the great tips! We are going to go and buy some of the products you mentioned and give it a try!
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    For Coaches Help for her hands!!!

    My dd is training alot of giants, clear hips etc, and her hands are on fire after she is done! She does not have a rip, but the calluses are huge, and I am afraid she will have one soon. Any tips on how to deal with calluses would be helpful too! Thanks in advance :)