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    i dont know what to do!!!??!

    Hey y'all! i haven't been on here in foreeverrrr! Hey to all the newbies i haven't met yet, hehe. :) okay, well my issue is, ever since i quit gymnastics, i've missed it sooooo much. i really want to go back, but there are some mental issues idk if im ready to handle or not and everything...
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    Hey guys--BIG FAVOR TO ASK Y'ALL!

    of course you can! haha. and thanks to everyone who's offered videos!!! means a lot. :]]
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    Miley Cyrus

    Well it's not so much the short-shorts, but if i were her, i wouldn't wear those kind of shorts in a video thats gonna be broadcasted all over, ya know? and yeah the makeup makes her look like a raccoon. i just think it's a shame how Hollywood's making these girls grow up so fast. :(
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    Miley Cyrus What do y'all think about that? I'm 14 and even I think that's inappropriate. I know "teenagers will be teenagers" but still. I would never wear something like that, it's just disrespectful to yourself. Not to mention that dancing. Opinions?
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    Hey guys--BIG FAVOR TO ASK Y'ALL!

    I haven't been on here in forever!!! feel free to move this thread if it's irrelevant. okay, so the deal basically is I'm making a new montage about how nastia liukin inspires other gymnasts not to give up, and I'm trying to get as many "non-famous" gymnasts involved with the montage as...
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    US Challenge/Classic

    Great job!! It must be amazing to be competeting in that kind of atmosphere!! Congrats and have fun at championships!!
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    New L7 Floor - Yippie

    oh ,wow, that was such an amazing routine! Harry Potter theme songgg. :) Tell her i said phenomenal work! :D
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    *wanders out from under rock*

    Um. Okay. WOW. It's been FOREVER since I've been on here, lol. (: I've missed you peoples!! Crap thats happened since I last logged in: Out of my cast! Whopee! Turned 14. Double Whopee! Learned who my friends are, and who arent. Got a have y'all been?!
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    I need your opinion

    Hi. :) I haven't read the whole thread yet..but here are my thoughts: I would love to keep watching the videos because both Lizzy and Crystal are beautiful gymnasts, and really inspire me to keep working, even though I've chosen to move on from the sport of gymnastics. I would always watch...
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    Smelly gymnasts?

    Okay, when I was in training, there was a gynast that ALWAYS had BO. I don't know how to approach her and tell her, because sometimes I'll drop by the gym, and the stench is just kinda overwhelming because of how hard she works. I don't want her to be embarassed later on in life because of it...
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    So who's your favorite YouTube Celebrity?

    Hmm. I like Nastialiukincom..haha. Fred's pretty funny. Oh lawd. Charlie the unicorn gets on my last nerve.
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    Set Back

    Just have fun! When I had my little mental block with my backwalkover backhandspring on the huge beam, it was hard to go for it but i just had to tell myself it was the floor..that seemed to work. You have to trust yourself and know that your mind and body won't let anything happen.
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    Great news everybody !!!

    Awesome! I'm happy for you!! :)
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    North carolina state champ!!!!!!!

    State Champion!!! That's something to be proud about!! Way to go!! =] I now what you mean about it having not sunk in yet! I was the same way when I won my state beam titles twice in a row! Double congrats to you!
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    how many meals a day?

    When I was in Gym I usually had around 2 or 3 big meals, then fix little snacks thorughout the day, or "Mini Meals", like Cambell's Soup at hand or whatever. I could NEVER eat before practice, I would get extremely nauseated. Now that I'm out of gym, I eat a lot less, though.
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