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    Non- NCAA Gymnastics Scholarships

    Hi guys, I have been searching high and low for just about any kind of scholarship to help me pay for college. During that process it seemed like there was some scholarship for just about every sport except gymnastics. I'm not talking about NCAA but foundations and organizations that give out...
  2. Optionals United

    Leotards compulsory vs optionals

    We switch our leos every 2 years. This cycle the compulsory and optionals got the same leo. The compulsories(3-5) got the body in blue with silver jewels and the optionals are black body with silver jewels. So same design but there are distinguishing factors between them. We try to stick with...
  3. Optionals United

    Mckayla Maroney/gymnastike

    They finally made an apology. I will attach it so you don't even have to go on their site. Sad to say that for most people it's not going to be enough. Too little too late....
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    Tennessee Gyms

    Ive heard good things about gymstars
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    @MaryA haha sorry I didn't make that clear. This is not my video simply one I came across on gymnasticscoaching
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    Here is a little video to put this whole crazy sport into perspective. At the end of the day it's not about the medals and achievements, but the happiness and healthy lifestyle that it brings us. Also these kids are adorable and will make you smile no matter what P.S sorry if this has been...
  7. Optionals United

    For Coaches Stride Circle Drills

    Hey guys, I recently started coaching(well not so recently, like 7 months ago.anyways:)) and my level 2's are starting to work on stride circles. I was wondering if anyone has any good drills or recommendations for teaching them. I have never taught this skill and kind of lost on how to guide my...
  8. Optionals United

    Upper level gymnasts after high school?

    There are also options that allow them to use their gymnastics skills in other areas. My friend recently went into acro and tumbling after being a pretty successful level 9(westerns senior year). Its basically a mix of tumbling and stunting, that mixes gymnastics and cheer. It seems like a...
  9. Optionals United

    High School Gymnastics

    It is a totally different feeling but you adjust. Over time you learn how to tumble and use it to your advantage. It is quite hard on the body, but you get used to it. It is kind of like tumble trak vs spring floor. you change the way your tumble to use it to its full potential. I only competed...
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    High School Gymnastics

    I did high school gym for the first time last year and it is way different. In my area the equipment is decent. Some schools equipment is better than others so they usually host a majority of the meets. no spring floor at any school. I believe ours is based off USAG level 9. ex. vault you need...
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    For Parents HS gymnasts/parent input needed

    Just finishing my first high school gymnastics season I would highly recommend it. Yes the equipment isn't up to standard, but it was such an amazing experience. You get to meet so many people both on your team and others, because just like club gymnastics, high school gymnastics is such a close...
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    First day!!!!

    if it is long enough to put in some form of ponytail you should do that. even if its a half pony with the top half of your hair. if not then i would pull/braid/twist back the front so it stays out of your eyes
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    whats this deduction?

    you dont need to create duplicate threads. and i think they have to warn you before they take the deduction. the second time they see it they can take a deduction.. im not sure how much it is though:)
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    Rip guardian or similar?

    Im not sure exactly what rip guardian is/what is does, but i use bandaids that are somewhat similar. these ones BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages the advanced healing ones in the middle of the page... they work like a charm everytime, and im normally good to go in the next couple days. not...