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    Level 4 bar question

    How much of a deduction do you get for pausing? this is my daughters biggest problem with bars and she has yet to get in the 9's on this event...
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    For Parents Looking for suggestions for camera upgrade from Nikon D200

    I would love to join this group if you would send me a request. I take hundreds of photos each meet with my D90 and I don't think I ever got one good one :-( I've tried everything I can think of - Thanks!
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    For Parents Monthly tuition cost?

    we actually have 9 girls on our team - so mid-sized I would say
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    USAG Level 4 States NJ

    Thank you so very much!!!! You are the best!!
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    USAG Level 4 States NJ

    Oh wow - our States are next weekend! January 25th and 26th....
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    For Parents Monthly tuition cost?

    Level 4, 19 hours per week, $496 per month - yikes!
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    USAG Level 4 States NJ

    Has anyone received the schedule yet for Level 4 States in NJ? In years past they are always posted online but that website doesn't appear to be maintained any longer (not within the past few months anyway). If anyone has heard anything can you please share? The suspense of not knowing is...
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    TOPS Testing Scores

    Thank you GymBeeMom for your reply - that really does make sense and I totally need to stop worrying about the little things! I wish this sport wasn't so stressful on us parents! Like you mentioned, it will be nice to find out what she still needs to work on and this way she can set her goals...
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    TOPS Testing Scores

    Just a quick question - for State TOPS testing, do you all find out what your daughter's scores were (how many points, etc)? Our gym says they won't tell us so we shouldn't ask - but I don't think that's right! Don't we have a right to know how they did? This is my daughters first year doing...
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    Level 4 USAG Floor Music

    Hello All! Does anyone know of a site where I can download the Floor Music for Level 4 Compulsory? I can't find it anywhere! Thank you!
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    Club membership fee

    Yes, its always depressing to see what other people are paying, especially when we pay so much - our L4's go 15 hours a week and we are up to $450 a month! yikes....:eek:
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    Looks like they eliminated the Sprint

    Is this for the TOPS testing? I thought the sprint and leg lifts were an important skill? Where do you go to find what the new testing regulations are? I have looked but can only find last years criteria and I heard it changed a lot..
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