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  1. PalmTree

    For Coaches I should be excited about my new job, but I'm sad about leaving the old one

    These kinds of things happen in every industry. It sounds like this actually worked out well - they are paying you for two weeks of not even working?!!! And you are leaving bad management and moving on UP to better pay and a more organized gym. I'm sure it won't be perfect, but I bet it will be...
  2. PalmTree

    For Coaches Al Fong's Free Workshop..

    FREE?!! Is there even a question there?!!
  3. PalmTree

    1 month out from BIG meet? Practice Structure?

    If we have a month break between meets, I will usually look at our weakest areas on each event as a team and do some new drills for that skill. For example, if several people fell on their leap on beam, I would set up 2 or 3 stations specifically focused on fixing that. The other stations would...
  4. PalmTree

    Loud cheering at meets (screaming, really) - thoughts?

    Hate it!! There is a team in our area with loud parents, too, but it is the COACHES that annoy me. After every single routine, no matter how terrible it was, the coaches clap their hands together and loudly go WOWWW!!!! AMAZING!!! like that Level 3 bar routine with four falls should score a ten.
  5. PalmTree

    Sia - Chandelier floor routine

    Oh WOW! I had never seen the video to "Chandelier" until this thread got going and piqued my interest. What an incredibly moving music video it is…to me, it screamed of child abuse and possible mental illness. But again, it is ART, and the great thing about art is that it can be interpreted by...
  6. PalmTree

    For Coaches How to make your kids look like robots?

    It seems like robot-kids (I say this endearingly) score the best at meets. In the compulsory workshops there was a lot of talk of being "dancy" and "flowy" in movements, but in my area at least, that is NOT what the judges are looking for. How do you make your kids, especially 6 year old Level...
  7. PalmTree

    For Coaches Poor Form on Cast Handstands

    Is she a fearless beast??!! That looks good to me. My kids are too scared to try it like she does.
  8. PalmTree

    For Coaches Poor Form on Cast Handstands

    We do have a floor bar that is about a foot off the ground (for pirouette work etc). I have them start in straddle stand and jump up to a handstand. They can do it just fine. They say that they are afraid of falling ON the bar.
  9. PalmTree

    For Coaches Poor Form on Cast Handstands

    An update…they are annoying me to no end! We have been doing the drills in this video: They can do #1…putting their feet on the bar and then falling over. When I try to have them go to #2, not touching their feet, they can't do it. They are afraid to lean over the bar (even with a huge...
  10. PalmTree

    For Coaches Coach Appreciation

    Hi Coaches - What does your gym do to show coach appreciation? I am basically the owner of my gym and wondering if a party/get together or gifts would be best? What have you received? I am the same age as most of my coaches, who are just out of college, if that makes a difference! Just...
  11. PalmTree

    For Coaches Poor Form on Cast Handstands

    The past couple days, I had my Level 6s try straddle cast handstands. We had abandoned them in the past because I always spotted them on straight body cast handstands (since pre-team two years ago), and they don't "get" straddle casts. But I forced them to do drills and GET it, and it did seem...
  12. PalmTree

    For Coaches Head Out on Back Tumbling

    @dunno , that may just be what I have to do…this week she also "lost" her front handspring vault, all tumbling, and a KIP!!! (she had a kip cast handstand a couple months ago)…there is a breakdown going on! :(
  13. PalmTree

    For Coaches Head Out on Back Tumbling

    Interesting. She is a very strong athlete (can do cast handstand, leg lifts, etc). But I have said that about athletes before and then been amazed at the strength required for certain skills.
  14. PalmTree

    Incase you missed it, Simone /Kyla attacked by Bee during awards

    That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!
  15. PalmTree

    Simone Biles on mushroom

    SO funny!!