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    For Parents Incentives

    My daughter's incentive is meals and room and board! hahahahaha ...... all seriousness we have in the past, not to achieve a skill but to meet her overall goals. Has not been a slippery slope for our L10
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    Another congrats to region 5!

    so there is a link to the announcement somewhere coach?
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    Another congrats to region 5!

    Competing against the best in the country is enough for most of these girls I would imagine.
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    Another congrats to region 5!

    I missed that announcement. Do you have a link? I thought it was just speculation at this point.
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    Junior Olympic JO National Championships proposal.

    I was thinking they could keep the current format but have the individual event qualifiers compete on friday of Nationals
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    For Parents Why do high level JO gymnastics?

    It was an option for DD a few years back....for DD it really came down to would you be one of the best 4 gymnasts in the world by 2020 and is that worth the lifestyle change that comes with going elite. Either way she will still be able to reach her goal of competing in college
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    8th Grader Verbally Committed Today. Class of 2023

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not sure you can police or prohibit someones intention to attend college and compete gymnastics
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    Steve Penny arrested

    __________________________________________________________________________________ It will be very hard for any USAG CEO to look good publicly until all the lawsuits are settled. Their job is to protect the brand and any quotes or actions that show culpability on behalf of the USAG will be a...
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    Kerry Perry is ousted as CEO of USAG

    I think it had more to do with she was put in a no win situation. Come in and be the face of the USAG and talk about change but then not being really able to talk candidly about the past because of pending lawsuits that could cause the financial ruin of her organization. Until the smoke is...
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    Magical Classic

    ------------------------------------------------------------------ This is the only way to go if you want to keep your lodging costs down, plus having a kitchen save you a bunch on food costs as well because you don't have to eat out for all your meals
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    International Elite Classic Performances and Worlds

    I don't think there is room for a specialist any longer with only 4 girls going to the olympics now. You have to put a team together of 4 solid all arounders IMO....Current group I could see a team of Simone, Morgan, Riley and Ragan. The wild card being Skinner or Nichols deciding to make a run...
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    TOPS / Hopes Lily’s HOPES Classic results...

    after falling three times, she was really struggling to even get around on her giants. She had to be exhausted.
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    TOPS / Hopes Lily’s HOPES Classic results...

    Nice job ladies! related question....Is the girl who hit her head on the high bar OK? Have you heard anything?
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