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Recent content by Pirouette

  1. Pirouette

    Getting the kids together to online condition

    My dd16 and her teammates have been doing conditioning 3x/week via group FaceTime. It's very motivating for her. Highly recommend.
  2. Pirouette

    Aerial pls help

    My DD learned her aerial when she was a dancer --- by going to the gymnastics club for a tumbling class. It was so much safer than trying to learn it anywhere else. She got it, too. If you aren't training that skill at a gym, I highly recommend waiting until they reopen and joining a tumbling...
  3. Pirouette

    Motivating kids who hate conditioning?

    My DD16 has been doing a group FaceTime with her group of 5 to complete their normal warmups together. It's about the only thing that will make her try. There was also an Instagram workout with a former elite? maybe? who did some awesome stretching thing for an hour. She and my exchange...
  4. Pirouette

    Musings of a Gym Parent in Isolation

    * We are a house of 7 that before the stay-home business was used to being constantly on the go. It's painful at times. * The kids are ages 18, 16, 15, 14, and 12, and good Lord they eat a lot. * Family dinners are kinda fun, kinda annoying. * Cleaning more now than I have in a while. The dust...
  5. Pirouette

    If you can, support your gym

    Slightly off topic but financial related -- will meet hosts offer refunds for fees paid for meets that will not take place now? I have no intentions of asking for a refund; I'm just curious about what might happen in this regard.
  6. Pirouette

    Post season meets and Coronavirus

    Spoke/wrote too soon. Gym just closed until further notice.
  7. Pirouette

    Post season meets and Coronavirus

    DD's gym has cancelled any open gyms but as far as I know, is still having classes and team practices (as of yesterday). All schools have been cancelled for 3 weeks, so we will see if or how the gym schedule changes over the next few days. Coachp shared a workout on another thread that I...
  8. Pirouette

    Lets debate State vs States because well just to talk about something elese

    We say States. I'm going to speculate that it's actually State Championships without the Championship part. :D
  9. Pirouette

    Post season meets and Coronavirus

    https://www.10tv.com/article/state-issues-order-prohibiting-general-spectators-arnold-sports-festival-2020-mar Interesting read. We are headed there for the gymnastics competition and it's been a roller coaster week with updates on status of spectators being allowed to attend.
  10. Pirouette

    Worst Meet Ever

    My DD16 moved up to Platinum this year, and it's been ROUGH. After 3 meets, she has earned a total of 2 medals, and both of those were in the first meet. She struggles on bars, especially, and even on floor, her best event, she sees the other gymnasts being able to perform so much better than...
  11. Pirouette

    how do i get my fire back?

    If you were my daughter, I would suggest you take some time off, try some new sports, volunteer, maybe get a part-time job . . . Either your enthusiasm for the sport will return (absence makes the heart grow fonder?), or you will find a new love. Everyone changes as they grow, and interests are...
  12. Pirouette

    Pros of Being Tall

    So my DD16's story is a little different because she didn't start gymnastics until she was 11 and already over 5' tall. She is in the Xcel track, doing Platinum now, and she is 5' 9.5" tall. Being so long-legged, she looks beautiful when she leaps, and her lines on beam are very pretty. She...
  13. Pirouette

    Xcel Is 13 too old for xcel silver

    My DD16 was 12 when she was a Silver -- turned 13 a couple of months after the season ended. She was often in the oldest age group at meets but was never the oldest gymnast there. That's one of the perks of Xcel!
  14. Pirouette

    Upper Xcel practice hours?

    Silver = 8 hours Gold and Platinum = 12 hours Xcel at our gym is great for kids like DD16 (training Platinum), who has had to miss some practices this past month or so due to high school cross country. She also misses due to track & field in the spring, but since that is after States, it isn't...
  15. Pirouette

    What's the best thing gymnastics has given your child?

    Independence. DD16 might hesitate to email a teacher about something school related. But when the fall gym schedule came out and she saw that it once again conflicts with XC meets on many dates, I gently suggested that she email the coaching staff to ask if she could practice on an alternate...