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Recent content by pixie flips

  1. pixie flips

    For Parents Bella got her kip!!!

    wtg Bella!! You go girl :) such a big deal for the girls to get the kip, it makes my heart smile for them!
  2. pixie flips

    Just wanted to share a funny. Anyone else have rules that make you giggle?

    BO must be going around, lol. Pixie came home about 2 weeks ago and said they told the girls they had to start wearing deodorant too. She just turned 10 so she's on the cusp of possibly needing it. Though, she never has BO. The only time she smells is after practice when I can smell sweat in her...
  3. pixie flips

    For Parents Kyrie at Level 7 states/guess the scores

    What an adorable and amazing little gymnast!! Congrats, Kyrie! You were WON♥DER♥FUL!!
  4. pixie flips

    For Parents Self Fundraiser?

    I adore this idea! Thank you for your wisdom :) I think I will do that as well, thanks! The thought of brownies didn't even enter my brain. Not sure why, lol! But this sounds much better than cookies. Brownies it is! I think with all the things that I'd be able to offer I could make close to...
  5. pixie flips

    For Parents Self Fundraiser?

    Pixie's gym doesn't do privates. So we would not be able do that. Though, I think that's a wonderful idea and would love that if it were an option. The camp that we were looking into is at a nearby University. They are one of the teams in The SEC and have a stellar gymnastics program. Also...
  6. pixie flips

    For Parents Self Fundraiser?

    Aw, thank you! His illness isn't life threatening. Just chronic. I do appreciate the sentiment!
  7. pixie flips

    For Parents Self Fundraiser?

    I did think of selling some old leos but they're pretty trashed, lol! The foil is rubbed & dull on some, rhinestones missing on others. I don't know how much I'd get for them. Do you think they'll sell better as a group of old workout leos? Or individually for cheap? I'm still going to do a...
  8. pixie flips

    For Parents Vent/rant about munchkins out of control at meets (and gym!)

    I take no issue with the parents that are genuinely trying to take care of an unhappy/fidgeting/bored child. Kids can get mad, hungry, excited, playful, stinky...it happens! Where I take issue is with the parents who just turn their kids loose at the meets. That is a big problem in our area. At...
  9. pixie flips

    For Parents Self Fundraiser?

    Hi, all! Hope everyone's gymmies are having a fun & safe season. I haven't been around, as much, lately. It's been a difficult year. My husband is ill so I've had to work more out of the home. And haven't had too much time to chat with you all. I have checked in from time to time to read to see...
  10. pixie flips

    For Parents Meet Report L8 and video

    Her floor routine is really cute! She has very nice poise. I thought it was great how proud she was after bars! Loved the expresssion. That's what it's all about :)
  11. pixie flips

    For Parents 2 year old dd doing forward roll:)

    yeah!!!! I love it :) So cool that you caught the moment on video. It's like taking her first step, lol!
  12. pixie flips

    For Parents She qualified!

    Way to go Kathy! Congrats on a qualifying :) And good luck at state!! As to judging at sectionals it seems our judges try to put everyone through since the entry fee at state goes to them, ha! I honestly can't think of a girl that didn't qualify. None from our gym. Possibly if a girl fell off...
  13. pixie flips

    For Parents Bad meet behavior/sore losers

    What a nightmare! So sorry you have to go through this every meet. It's bad enough to deal with anxiety on watching your gymmie compete but the added anxiety of whether this parent will say something. This is the type of person that will carry on as long as they think it is acceptable, imo. I'm...
  14. pixie flips

    For Parents Meet Report and Guess the scores!! Missouri Winter Games

    Seems like they judge tough there? I would have given her higher score but what do I know, lol! I so enjoyed watching her video :)
  15. pixie flips

    For Parents Moving up to Level 3 early!!! (shameless brag!)

    Aw, congrats to your little one on moving up! So exciting!! And you should be proud :)