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    For Parents NC Level 5/6 State Meet

    Will anyone here be competing at this State Meet? My youngest will be in Session 5 on Saturday while her two teammates will be in session 4.
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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    the first few times i did it, it took me a while but then it just seemed to get easier with practice.
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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    Here a repost of the fishscales pics
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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    I was just looking for the pics I had posted of the fishscales. I'm not sure what happened to them, but they seem to be gone. I'll try to post some more.
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    For Parents Anyone competing this weekend?

    We just got back from our last meet before Level 5 state meet. My 9 yo did very well placing 1st AA with a 33.800. Her scores were v 8.80 ub 8.100 bb 9.050 fx 8.650 This was her first time placing first AA. My 10 yo didn't do as well. She has only been training in USAG since may in level 5 and...
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    For Parents Team at 5 1/2?

    My youngest began team when she was 5 at L4 but didn't compete til she was six... a little less than a year after being put on team. And by then they were practicing 15 hours a week. We started out at 9 hrs. and before we knew it we were going 15. She's 9 now and still lovin it. She took a year...
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    spare time?

    What do all the gymnast like to do during spare time away from gym, if you have any? My girls enjoy competing in fast pitch softball, fishing, horseback riding,camping and hunting hogs.
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    ??? re: handstand drills

    Same here, my girls do a lot of handstand drills. They also have to walk on hands across the floor frontward, backward, and sideways. It makes a big difference. I can tell my oldest girl has gained quiet a bit of strength just in the past few weeks with some of the handstand drills. She has the...
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    when to train twice a day

    Because I clean the gym, my girls hit the gym every weekday morning at 6:30 for a 30 min workout on top of the three weekly classes. The morning routines are strictly to work on muscle strength and endurance, not any of the skills or routines.
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    Wanted: pictures of girls on floor

    do you need the actual pictures or can someone send you a picture via email to download?
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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    It took me about 10 min but when I'm fixing it for comp. I take a little more time using gel and making sure it's good and tight.
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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    let me try to explain fishscales.. if it don't work for you let me know... First you divide the hair into two equal parts, take a small part of hair off the outside of the right half and cross over top of right half and add to left half. Take small part of hair off the outside of the left half...
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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    here are pics of the other way I fix long hair. This one is my favorite way.
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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    Long hair is the toughest. My youngest has shorter hair and I can have it ready in no time but this long hair can be a challenge. You get it up and Pray that it stays up.
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    For Parents Competition Hairstyles

    My oldest girls hair is also down to her waist here's what I do. sorry for the poor quality of pic. I will post another pic soon of another way I fix this hair with fish scales. It's even cuter and easier to do.
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