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    Are Warm-Up Leos a Thing?

    I've never seen a gym do this at one of DD's meets. We have been to college meets & it's done there.
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    Competition leo cost

    I think you would get a better quantity discount and more opportunities to hand them down if you went with them being all the same for all levels.
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    Competition leo cost

    Our gym changes every two years. We also get new warm-ups and bags at the same time, so I couldn't say for sure how much the leo itself is, and TBH, I try not to think about it because I don't want my head to explode. :D I would guess it's in the 235-250 ballpark mentioned above. Our current one...
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    For Parents Give me a talking to please! (Long)

    I think getting more comfortable with the coaches and gym is important, I agree a meeting to ask about your daughter's progress and to get coaches feedback is a great idea. I'm sorry this has been tough for your daughter - and you! I would talk to her about focusing on her own journey. What is...
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    For Parents Process for moving up a level?

    There is a testing day in May to initially make the team. I don't believe they allow rec/pre-team kids to test in any other time of the year. They have added a few gymnasts at other times of the year, all the ones I know of were due to moving to the area or gyms closing.
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    For Parents Process for moving up a level?

    Ours continue to train with their same team after states until school is out, although they are focusing on upskills. Once summer session starts, they are split into new groups - moving up, possibly moving up, and probably repeating. (they don't call them this ; ) ) Mid-August an email is sent...
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    For Parents Level 4 practice hours?

    Our level 4s do 12 hours - 4 hour practices, 3X a week
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    Do your coaches say this?

    I would find out exactly what your daughter means by "creepy" and if she have an issue with it before the conversation with her friends. How and why did it come up? As an adult, when I hear a young girl feels something a grown man says to her repeatedly is "creepy", I immediately think of it...
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    For Parents Should States have a higher qualifying score?

    This is sort of a spinoff of the 100% medals thread. My gymnast is a L6 and qualification for States here is a 30.00. The other night we mentioned States to a friend's Mom. The Mom got really excited and congratulated her on making it to States. This started a conversation with my daughter about...
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    For Parents How do you feel about 100% medals placements?

    Also the scoring system - it was a huge expense when we starting hosting meets. Our owner/coaches select the meets. I have no idea what criteria they use. They give us the schedule in August, and then we have a week or so to fill out an opt-out for any particular meet in case of a known...
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    For Parents Age verification/birth certificate to compete?

    Surely she isn't the only 7 year old that will be in the same situation - it sounds like much of the 8 yr old age group might be 7 for much of the season. I don't see an incentive for fudging a birthdate, the competition in the next age group down is going to be very similar - and potentially...
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    For Parents How do you feel about 100% medals placements?

    We mostly see awards @ 50% or 50% +1. Personally, I'd be happy for them to stick to top five or even top three. My daughter is mostly excited by personal best scores or placements, or doing what she feels to be her personal best (of course- not always the same as personal best score) or making...
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    Discussion of abuse in USAG - Nassar

    Laurie is still a child who really cannot be expected to handle intrusive media questions in a savvy manner. What if she herself was abused? Why would we expect an abused child to blurt it out because she is asked on camera? Certainly there many more victims - hundreds even, possibly - who have...
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    Discussion of abuse in USAG - Nassar

    Sadly, this isn't even shocking at this point. It's not just gymnastics. USOC has failed to protect our young athletes, coming down hard on USAG won't save USOC from it's own consequences...
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    For Parents Simone Biles Movie & Thoughts on Gymnasts Speaking Up

    The movie only intended to tell Simone's story. I don't think it was meant to be a roadmap for others or a commentary on the current state of gymnastics in the US. It ended at the 2016 Olympics, so of course it doesn't reflect the current situation. I do think the bit about the amanar vault was...
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