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    More suspensions

    We wondered if the throwing of shoes and the standing with your nose against the wall because Vanessa “didn’t want to see your face” would be in there. We aren’t even participants in the investigation, but reading the article to my daughter tonight was like being back at Azarian again. It’s all...
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    More suspensions

    And everywhere this is being commented upon, the overwhelming response is favoritism, anger, bullying, and Vanessa Gonzalez. She has been running the show there for many years, even though Perry was the head coach.
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    More suspensions

    And we left due to multiple angry coaches. The coach that replaced Perry as head coach is the coach that is charged with the most offenses.
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    More suspensions

    Perry is not the same variety as Geddert. He is good-natured and very rarely angry in the gym. My daughter liked Perry a lot. Not sure what you're seeing at meets--I've never seen anything concerning. That said, clearly some bad things happened.
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    More suspensions

    The Azarians are good people, and there have been several and still are a few kind and supportive coaches there. But one of those three coaches is the reason why numerous athletes have quit or left that gym over the years.
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    Toes splitting open?

    Bag balm is a great start. Beam shoes will solve it. Taping the problem areas before practice. Adding fat to the diet can help--avocados, dairy, etc. If it gets bad often--deep and meaty-looking--keep some vials of surgical glue on hand to seal the rips. Sometimes it will tear again the next...
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    International Elite Maggie Haney Hearing

    We've switched our daughter multiple times. We've seen what you're describing repeatedly, in gyms that you've heard of. A lot of anxiety comes with looking like you're a problem family, but we are simply the family that says no. Our daughter wants to enjoy gymnastics. The sport is hard enough...
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    What Were They Thinking - BWO Clinic

    That's scary. Not a fan of BWOs at any age. Hated that my 8-year-old did BWOs on beam every day for months training for level 5 and throughout the level 5 season, THEN the coaches decided on BWO-BWO for her level 7 season. She complained about back soreness way too often that year, and it makes...
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    Gym Hopping

    There are so many VALID reasons why a family might leave a gym, even a gym that is considered to be a good gym. Coaches that are negative yellers and unkind and your child is unhappy training with them. Gyms that have a lot of favoritism and it isn't in your child's favor. Gyms that don't want...
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    Pre-Team and TOPs variance across gyms.

    I'm just a parent. Only a couple opinions that I'm compelled to interject. Couldn't agree more with the direction you are going here: "I really feel there is not enough focus on strength training, body shaping, and drills/progressions for skills. The kids learn skills, but they are always...
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    Teams Praying before/during meets

    We spent a couple years at a big gym in Region 1 that we didn't realize was very Christian conservative from ownership, through the coaches (most, maybe not all), and down to the families. One of the first questions you would be asked amongst the pack of gym moms was "what church do you go to?"...
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    Discussion of abuse in USAG - Nassar

    These young women are so amazing. Hand the keys to this sport straight over to them. They should be the new board of directors.
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    Intervene with mean girl issue?

    What we've experienced at previous gyms and heard the same stories from friends, is less often flagrant hurtfulness but mostly this persistent exclusion. And even if it's a gym where parents aren't supposed to watch, some parents will follow the philosophy, but there will be a pack of moms in...
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    Why Are Parents the Enemy?

    I've experienced all of that. I would add that you'd like to get the slightest feel for who these people are, and know that they give at least the tiniest crap about your kid/your family, so that when you go to meets you aren't saying well there's my daughter with some people that I don't know...
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