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    Summer Camps!

    has anyone ever been to/going to the Arkansas University Razorback Gymnastics Camp? I might go this summer as a 12 yr old level 5, and it would be my first camp. :) thx
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    Fun gym Quotes!!! Ideas?

    my gyms says on the front 'only the tough can tumble at' then on the back our team name (in our case, 'richardson gymnastics') an old one said 'hard work beats talent when talent isnt working hard'
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    My Gymnast's first competition!

    good luck to all your gymnasts! I've never heard of a competition like that before. Hope you and all your gymnasts have fun!
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    Gymnastics quotes

    Soccer players use shin guards to protect them. Volley ball players use knee pads to protect them. Football players use shoulder pads, helmets and numerous other pads to protect them. Gymnasts use nothing but their pride. -my gym friend sent me this one time and i love it :)
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    Meet Tomorrow Morning

    Thanks bog and MdGym! I had a really good meet actually. I made both kips, and beam cartwheel, got 1st on all around, 1st on beam and vault and 2nd on bars AND got moved to a better division! (Sorry that was totally bragging...)
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    Meet Tomorrow Morning

    Hey! I'm requesting good luck for my meet tomorrow morning at 8:00 am (so early on a saturday...) I have my floor and vault really good and the only thing i'm worried about on beam is a cartwheel. And i need tons of luck for bars, i have my low bar kip consistent and got my high bar kip this...
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    Your best, Your worst, Your favorite ( or your kids its for everyone)

    My favorite skill is- kips (but they dont look very good, arms are bent) My favorite app is - floor My Best skill is - level 5 dismount (side handstand twist thing... ha sry idk wat you call it) My best app is - beam My worst skill is - round off double bhs My worst app is - bars- i get worst...
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    Weekly accomplishements

    made high bar kip (finally!!) i made my high bar kip two times today! My coach missed the first one but everyone was screaming so shes like "you made a high bar!" (i was still up there anyway...) i also got past my strange fear of back hipcircles on high bar :D today was a good bar day
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    i use neosporin at night (with a sock over my hand, which was mentioned before.) Actually, i need to try all these because i get the most rips out of my level and when i use tape grips, i rip them in half on the bar, like in the middle of a routine... yeah, apparently i grip too hard or...
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    how many meals a day?

    breakfast around 7am, lunch at 11, at about 4 i have a pretty big snack before gym and dinner when i get home
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    What skill has been the hardest for you to learn?

    kips... they took me FOREVER and my coach was dancing when i made them and took me to get ice cream in the middle of practice because i finally made them.
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    first (maybe last) L5 meet of the year

    good luck! I'm a level 5, also, and i made my first competition kip last meet, so i'm sending all those fairies. Hope she does great, qualifies, and has fun! :)
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    States on Sunday!!!!!

    good luck & have a great time! hope you do awesome!!!
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    High Bar kips

    i'm in almost the same situation, i have my low bar but i'm really close to high bar also. (i havent made one yet though.) So good luck and tell us when you get it!
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    Weekly accomplishements

    Congrats! It took me FOREVER AND EVER to get mine, i got it like two weeks ago. (My coach got me ice cream :D ) and i hope to get my high bar kip next week but this week i got my round off bhs bhs again (i lost it for like a month, it was weird)
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