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    How to get into world championships

    These are the routines people are talking about btw I feel so bad for her :/ probably got thrown off by bars
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    Keeping up with flexibility?

    So, as most of you probably know, I stopped gymnastics about 2 months ago. So far, I have the same amount of flexibility (and even increased pike from diving!) but I'm worried that it will decrease. Any ideas for keeping it up? I thought it would be cool to join a contortion class, but those are...
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    Gymnastics meets pole vaulting!

    Saw this cool video, thought I'd share
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    USAG magazine cover

    My suggestion was for if they were to create a similar rule for rg, it would be better to do something like this than have a biketard IMO. I prefer regular leos too, and I don't know how much it would help, but it's better than a biketard, at least for rg. Also, these are already a thing. I saw...
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    USAG magazine cover

    even for rhythmic gymnastics, they could do something like this : I know the girls at the local rhythmic gym wear leggins during practice (not for this reason), and it seems to work really well for them from a gymnastics point of view, so it probably wouldn't present a grip problem or...
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    Quitting Gymnastics to do Pole vaulting ? :(

    Oh, also, during the summer I train at a gym at my grandmother's house, and I think I will continue doing gymnastics at least during the summer.
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    Quitting Gymnastics to do Pole vaulting ? :(

    Thank you everyone. All the nice comments make me feel happy, and also that I made the right decision. Also, I'll keep you guys posted on diving and pole vaulting.
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    Quitting Gymnastics to do Pole vaulting ? :(

    Hey everyone. Thanks for the answers. So, I have decided that, at least for now, I'm going to take a break from gymnastics (that way, if I really hate it I can return). I will be doing diving, and potentially another sport in the spring, as well as Pole vaulting. I achieved all my goals and...
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    Quitting Gymnastics to do Pole vaulting ? :(

    I am thinking about making a difficult decision. Let me give you the background. I'm a freshman in high school. I do xcel gymnastics. I love it, and I could compete level 7-8 if I were in JO. I placed 2nd all around in region 6 as platinum. But there is no way that I could do this for college...
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    Would hair like this stay in well?

    Looks like I'll be using this for meets - I cut off 9" of my hair and now it's too short to put into a bun :)
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    Pit cleaning

    When we cleaned it (and put in new foam) we took everything out, vacuumed, fluffed the mats at the bottom and put everything back in. Took about 2 hours w/ about 30 kids.
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    Teen cheerleader forced to do splits article

    You're totally right. It is sometimes necessary to hold a patient down. My point was everything else should be tried before that becomes necessary (i.e. if they're having trouble (like feeling nervous, not in hysterics like daughter above), they should try to talk to them first,) but maybe I...
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