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    just hours/cost for L4

    In NZ, The gym I used to go to was $415 for the year from level 4 - 8 and thats 7 - 12 hours a week
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    For Coaches Leg position in back walkover

    In NZ, backward walkovers all start with the leg up. Although it requires great balance and focus, It looks much nicer. - It allows the gymnast to stretch the shoulders back and use the shoulder to kick over, rather than crunching the back; which leads to injuries. - It allows extra...
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    Score that leo

    A new image for judging
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    Back Handspring Question!!!!

    Yup, that also another one. Thats the one thing I was doing when I learnt them. Make sure that she is tight through the whole skill, especially when connecting it. Thats the easiest way for the arms to bend when she isn't tight. Also get her to practise backwards walkover and kick overs...
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    Keeping balance on the beam

    When you are on the beam, be aware that your centre of gravity is higher, so it makes it very easy to fall off. To be balanced, you have to keep your posture as close as possible to the line of gravity (imaginary line that runs down the centre of your body) and to the centre of the base of...
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    What's my leading leg?

    It isn't a problem unless you start switching legs between skills. The best thing you can do is learn all of your skills on both legs, especially when you start connecting lots of skills. You may still have a dominant side but it really helps. A big one is the Russian/change leg leap; it makes...
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    Back Handspring Question!!!!

    I think this i because she is taking all the pressure through her arms, so its making her elbows bend. Try getting her to stretch it out. A good drill for this is snap downs. At the end of a springboard(springy part), do a handstand keeping the arms straight and by using the arms, prop off onto...
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    Beam Splittn

    Really just got to watch you foot placement.
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    The thing is we dont have a coach, we have to train ourselves :eek: im doing open c; which is current NZ L4 for Current L4-5 and retired level 4-6 i cant do a lower level because i competed at L4 about 3 years ago :(
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    This year as im not competing club anymore, im struggling to be able to gym anymore as my body slow can't take much more and im doing a competition for school. I really don't want to let my team mate down, and im getting extremely nervous already because im not getting skills, im also scared of...
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    Any other Level 4's?

    I am a retired level four, but i compete for school as a Rt.L4
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    Velvet VRS. Other fabric leos

    I like leotards that both have velvet and hologram or shatter glass. i sew my own leos so i can do what i like :)
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    Broken Foot Update!

    in New Zealand, we can drive from when we are 15! :)
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    My weight and my coach.

    Your definately not overweight. try to ignore it or if i gets too much try talking nicely to the coach about it or that plan doesnt work talk to you parents about it. These sorts of comments arent't really acceptable from anyone let alone a coaches who should know better. They should be...
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    Do you think it is ok to cry?

    When you get frustrated, try writing down your emotions. or write poetry about how your feeling. When you are doing your routines, don't think about getting everything perfect as this puts unnecessary pressure on you ! just think of a few things to try and fix at a time. I think that crying...
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