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    Big life changes... but all for the better!

    Go Aero go! Walk with your head held high as you show integrity. Best in your new adventure sir.
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    Different types of chalk

    Info here: Best, SBG -
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    trials meet up Friday 8th July - parade tickets giveaway

    Oh boy-obligations have me not being able to attend. Apologies to all. I hope you enjoy the community and event. Best, SBG
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    Conditioning for young gymnasts

    I suggest using the USA-G TOP's program as a starting model and the programs detailed outcome goals as a guideline. IMO, this is the starting point. TOPS Conditioning - TOPS Physical abilities -...
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    Does your child's/gym's conditionning program include the use of weights?

    I have incorporated free weights, treadmill, cycle machines and Cybex weight machines into our conditioning programs. Resistance training, moderation, individual and age based, is excellent for young athletes. Phsio balls, stall bars, free weights, balance boards, bands, cords are used...
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    trials meet up Friday 8th July - parade tickets giveaway

    If you would consider my application to your gathering folks I would appreciate it. My wife and I will be attending the USA-G National Congress and Trials and enjoy the opportunity to meet up with others. Our coaches sessions will be all capturing and we at best arrive a bit tardy. Thanks...
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    Not all Chalk is created equal!

    +1 to Hollowarchkick's post! Boy oh boy I am not going thru Chalk Issues again! I have "normal chalk" and enough in storage to cover the next world chalk emergency. CoachP; I do buy bulk chalk (big garbage plastic bag sized of chalk chunks and small particulate in a protective cardboard...
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    Judges Tables at Meet

    Fruit skewers are an excellent idea. In the past we have small sugar candies, small chocolate treats, packaged nuts and beverages of their choice. Our meet staff asks them mid session if they have any need. Pre-session I have taped rotation schedule, score sheets (for required judge...
  9. S - Trust The Process

    Trying a subscription out base upon your thumbs up sir. Ready to watch a vid, SBG -
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    Level 4 vs Level 5 vs Level 7 vault FHS

    +1 to Chalkbowl's reply. Exactly identical. (For coaches p.156 in Comp. Code book). The L4 and L5 Vault explanations in the book are the identical. Specific deductions for a HS vault, (for coaches = Group 1 #1.101), in Optionals I read this evening to be the the same (Code of Points)...
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    Level 7 floor deduction.

    Check with your coach. There are lots of reasons to vary from the "stock" Level 7 FX routine. General: A layout is a requirement. A 1/1 is allowed. No bonus or "extra" credit for more difficult skills. Allowable C skills receive B credit and subject to the appropriate deductions when...
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    Check out this Peanut

    Coachp; Peanut is marvelous. She learned to read, do basic arithmetics and aerial/Back-tuck on BB same year - now that is a remarkable year. Hey, it is not over yet. I can only imagine what skills she is working up now. BTW: I was going to suggest she can not even spell the skills she is...
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    Greeting judges?

    Chiming in; In my area of the US, the last couple of larger invitationals I received the same instructions from the Meet Director at their Modified Format meets. The same as Gymdog. Last weekend I was Meet Director for our Invitational and asked all coaches to do the same. as Gymdogs...
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    Ankle weights

    Dunno; Thanks for the link. Well written article. I will make copies for the coaches in the gym. Following the links provides other good info (EG: Weight resistance training). Thanks, SBG -