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    For Parents Christmas Shopping

    I saw on ebay this listing for a medal holder...it has a silhouette of a gymnast, and you get it personalized with the gymnast's name, and it has hooks attached to hold all the medals/ribbons. I'm thinking of getting one for DD (she's 10) Other than that she wants all the clothes that say...
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    For Parents Fundraising?

    We only do one fundraiser a year, plus our home meet. Something that we sold at meets one year that made tons of profit was notebooks. a mom printed gymnastics graphics on her computer, (one large per page) then laminated them and put them on spiral notebooks. They sold out during the first...
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    For Parents Added Pressure for Young Gymmies

    All my kids are in cyber charter schools, so they are home schooled in public school. I would just say explore your options with the gifted program and try to find the best fit. My sons were in a different cyber last year, and I found they were being overly challenged in some areas and totally...
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    For Parents Fundraising?

    We did a comedy night last year, but the comedians that were supposed to be pg-13 were actually very raunchy, and a lot of people were upset. Others loved it. This year we are selling raffle tickets. Each one is $10 and the winner gets $2500. I'll let you know how it goes! Prior to last...
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    For Parents When did you know your child was an athlete?

    This kind of makes me laugh. My DD is starting her 7th year of gymnastics (L6) and I really never thought of her as an athlete until year before last (she repeated L4). That was the first year that she was actually graceful. I know how sad that might sound, but until then, DD was just out to...
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    For Parents When did you know your child was an athlete?

    This cracks me up! Snowbound
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    For Parents I love new things!!!! What new things are your DD's working on?

    DD has just started BHS on the low beam with a pad (no spot). Fortunately I haven't actually seen her do this. When she starts competing them I may have to step outside:p she will be competing level 6, and she actually gets to be the same age all year (her birthday is after states for the...
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    For Parents nice surprise

    ours is crazy! We thought we were going to get the same schedule that this level had last year (16 hours, 4 days) but we were surprised that it is 16 hours and five days! The hours aren't bad, I just didn't want to add another day of driving:( Glad you guys got a good schedule! Snowbound
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    For Parents Need help with making decisions

    Sorry if this offended anyone...my DD is very realistic, and she knows when she's not going to medal at something. She still goes out and has fun, but she knows she is going out to get better, not bring home the hardware. I know my child would be embarrassed going to a national meet if her...
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    forgot to add "good luck"!
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    I don't know if this will help or not, but when I used to be a coach (for a different sport) I always told my students a joke before they competed. I know you have a lot to concentrate on, but the one thing you should just FORGET about is your score. also, my DD visualizes her routines...
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    For Parents Need help with making decisions

    You didn't mention how long you have until Nationals, but I think it's awful that the gym made you pay back in December! I think I am in the same camp as Bogwoppit, I know if I had an honest discussion with my DD and told her that I know I had said we could go, but finances being what they are...
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    For Parents Feeling down and scared

    I can relate to how you feel as we are currently "on the fence" and I feel like I have a sisterhood with all the other moms there. ON one hand I really want to stop driving my DD 60 miles 4x a week, and be able to have a life and maybe try some other things, but at the same time I would miss...
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    For Parents Massage?

    We haven't tried massage for DD (although I love a good one when I have the extra money...which is almost never) We do regular chiropractic though. We go to a guy that works with sports injuries...amazing what they can do! I imagine that in some places massage therapy could be covered by...
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    For Parents birthday party ideas?!

    thank you sooooooo much! you guys have the greatest ideas! I'm thinking we may have to do something during the week (or after practice on Saturday) but I think we can probably come up with something fun now. I appreciate all the suggestions. I will let you know how it goes next month! Snowbound