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Recent content by Takiah

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    Twitter???...Do you guys use it?

    You have to make a facebook!
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    adult competions

    Thats horrible I'm sorry to hear that. I have a floor routine... without tumbles. I dont really have a bar routine, but I plan on competing Mini Tramp, Vault, Bars & Floor - but no one really told me until it was too late (I had already signed up) about the holidays... we are on holidays...
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    adult competions

    That doesn't sound like fun! Whats happened to your ankle? Im hoping it will at least be fun since there's no chance of me medalling haha!
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    adult competions

    Its so great that adult competing is getting more popular!! Good luck! Im going to be competing in the Australian Masters Games in Feb 09! Ours sounds alot more difficult - we compete against our age groups for example 20-29yrs compete against each other and 30-39 etc etc so Ill be in the...
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    Shin Injury

    Definitely get it checked out, it doesn't matter if you feel silly. I think you would feel alot more silly & worse if you continued train and it got worse and you couldn't train at all!! ;)
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    new grips

    I have reisport ones, taking me a LONG time to wear them in but I only get to use them once a week for maybe 20 minutes :P But mine also said no water... apparently it actually cracks the thicker ones which is why they say not to - it makes them lose quality etc. My coach told me to use...
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    front tumbling

    I just had a look on youtube, and yeah thats almost exactly what im doing but instead of coming out of it forwards (which would actually be really cool!) i come out of it on the side, like a cartwheel almost but not-- its very weird, I wonder if I could learn to follow through and learn a...
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    Im SO excited about this section - THANK YOU!!! I wish there was a way that female adult gymnasts could talk privately together though - I have a few embarrassing questions :P
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    adult competions

    Here in Australia, every 2 or 4 years we hold the Australasian Masters Games, which is ALL sports and gymnastics is included - its the only sport where at 20 years +you are classed as a Master and able to compete- only if you haven't competed your sport in 2 years. I think its unfair that if...
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    adult competions

    Accidentally posted twice (the post is below)
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    This week I accomplished...

    Thats fantastic!!! Just like riding a bike ;) Well done!!!
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    front tumbling

    I love front tumbling but having trouble with it, I would LOVE to get front handspring front sault but im doing this weird WEIRD thing...where i reach forward but twist a little to my right...and end up doing a mixture of a front handspring//cartwheel at the same time...on tramp and off tramp my...
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    Adult gymnastics survey

    Who inspired you to take up gymnastics? It was reccomended by a doctor after my stress fracture healed - but now - Nastia Liukin. What is your best event? Floor will be again eventually What is your worst event? Beam...I don't train it anymore. What is your favorite event...
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    help on bars: mental block or not?

    It could be a mix of all of the things you listed above but I personally believe its a mental block, since it is no harder to cast on the high bar than it is on the low bar. Unfortunately, at the end of the day the only thing that can help yourself get over a mental block, is...well, yourself...
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    Looking for Gymnastics video-PLEASE HELP!

    Sorry to ask again guys but this is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!! There was a youtube I watched... Carly Patterson, Hollie Vice and Nastia Liukin (+ 1 other) did a group performance with floor beam and bars together...to a britney spears medley...they got dresse dup like her... like one of them...