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    Gabby Douglas leaves Chow's Gym, moves to L.A.

    I don't know how Gabby was allowed to not pay fees at Excalibur, but I think Chow might let it slide if he truly thought she could go to London. After that, he'd have tons of new gymnasts at his gym, and Gabby would be able to pay with her sponsorship money. Just speculation, though.
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    2013 World Championships

    Biles, Ross, Maroney and then Dowell/Ernst. I'd really like to see Ernst go though.
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    2020 Host City?

    I think they're bidding for Atlanta in 2024.
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    2020 Host City?

    Who do you think will get the 2020 Games? It's between Madrid, Istanbul, and Tokyo right now. (Sorry if there's already a thread on this. I searched 2020 and nothing came up.)
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    Where do you keep your chalk?

    I've never heard of that. At my gym the gym buys the chalk and we put it in a trash can lid upside down on the trash can.
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    Bar Release Moves

    Also, check out this page for more skills. http://
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    Bar Release Moves

    The only one I can think of that dunno missed is free straddle over high bar 1/2 turn. It's a B.
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    Front Tumbling vs. Back Tumbling.....

    I like front tumbling. I can do a lot more tumbling forwards than backwards, because of fear and stuff. But I'm in T&T, and we only compete back tumbling. :(
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    Mckayla Maroney

    Yeah I doubt they will do them at Worlds (this year anyway). I think that if they do try to do it, they will be injured. And I think yuri is just short for Yurchenko. Not sure though
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    Mckayla Maroney

    She is training one. I hear she at least has it into a pit. Simone Biles is training it too, but is further behind than McKayla. I can't tell you where I heard that she is training them, it's just something I retained from various Tumblr/blogs/tweets.
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    Shameless brag and annoying Texas question!! Opinions needed and very welcome!

    As for schooling options, check out Spring Creek Academy. The WOGA girls go theirs and its supposed to be very flexible.
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    Shameless brag and annoying Texas question!! Opinions needed and very welcome!

    I live in Texas, but not in the DFW area, so I can't offer you personal experience, but definitely check out WOGA and Texas Dreams. WOGA is a very established (is that the right word?) gym, and Kennedy Baker lives in Flower Mound and trains at Texas Dreams.
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    New Gymnastics Movie!!!

    Lol never mind. I just realized that article is from 2008. :/
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    New Gymnastics Movie!!! Looks like there's a possibility Nastia might be in it. She might just want to focus on NYU though.
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