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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    Back in school since September 9th- private. It’s going super well considering all the masks and new rules.
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    For Parents No word on meets yet?

    Region 2... back in gym since end of June. We have a tentative meet schedule- we know the dates and meets if they happen. Using same leo as last year and new members don’t need to buy one. May even stretch out the warm-ups one more year.
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    For Parents W&M cuts more programs

    So sad!! I swam at William and Mary in the 90s and we had to fight to keep swimming then. So sad it’s being cut. But... I also rowed club crew there and it was a super positive experience with lots of competition. So, I like the idea of club sports getting more participation.
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    For Parents Kip before grips vs now

    My daughter who had a beautiful straight-arm kip hated them for the first few weeks. Now, she loves them and is back to kipping well. DRYbands under her grips helped!
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    For Parents Kip before grips vs now

    My daughter struggled for about a month. The coach encouraged her to go back and forth with and without so she wouldn’t get discouraged. She now is used to them and has her pretty kip again. We also just bought DRYbands for under the grips and she tried them Friday and said they were amazing...
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    For Parents or no team?

    I would wait until next year and have them just do rec. Too young for that twin competition to start. My non-gymmie twin who has no interest in gymnastics has a hard enough time at 9 watching her twin get medals. I can’t imagine if she actually had an interest as well. Do lots of other things...
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    For Parents Why are you still in gymnastics?

    My daughter loves it. We have had virtually all positive experiences in our 2 1/2 years. I know that’s not very long and it could change but I definitely see how you get sucked into a sport because of your kid’s love for it and then all the amazing parents that I’ve met. We have so much fun...
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    Team awards

    One meet gave away doorstop trophies... a carved animal one. Fun having something useful.
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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    We start back in person on September 9.... private school. All public in our area are virtual so we will see whether we can truly start. I hope so... teaching on zoom=no fun!
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    For Parents Tuition During the Pandemic

    They offered all choices... 1) don’t pay and don’t lose your spot but no access to zoom training 2) continue to pay monthly and get 8 hours of zoom training and a future discount 3) pay ahead for multiple months and get a big discount plus a month free in the winter. The response was varied but...
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    For Parents Between levels...what would you do?

    It depends on the personality of the child. Most of the girls in my daughter’s group who are between 3/4 are choosing to go up because they feel bored at L3 even though the season was cut short. But last year, some younger kids repeated L3 and it was great for confidence. With the pandemic, I...
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    For Parents or no team?

    I have twin girls who are almost 10. They both did rec gym classes at 5 and 6. Both in and out of committing to gym. I had them do basketball, soccer, baseball and swimming as well. When they were about 7 1/2, one showed more of an interest and ability in gym so I had her try out. She’s level 4...
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    What are your tried and true snack choices for your gymnast at practice?

    They get a lunch/snack for 20min during a 4 1/2 hour practice. She doesn’t like sandwiches so I have done salads in bento boxes, sent milk in a thermos and given her a bag of cereal that she dumps in, fruit/granola/yogurt in a bento, warm Mac and cheese in a thermos.
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    For Parents House shoe for severs

    Hi, My daughter is once again having heel pain from severs. We have heel cups for her shoes, supportive shoes, cheetah cups for when she is in gym. She ices her heel and stretches often. I'm looking for advice on a supportive slipper or birkenstock type shoe that she can wear around the house...
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    For Parents Etsy Ribbons?

    I think a vision or goal board sounds good! I have never done awards for skills.. not back handspring or kip or anything. Just lots of applause and praise. She’s 9 and just made a vision board with goals- fun to see what goals she has made for herself.
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