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    I can’t tuck!

    A tucked back somersault is nothing whatsoever like a back handspring. It's an entirely different take off. So in fact your confidence that tucking would give you a proper back somersault landing because you have a back handspring shows entirely the opposite. It very strongly implies that your...
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    Mental block

    Have you tried stacking mats under the beam so you have no further to fall then on low beam, but you feel higher up and see the room from a higher position? You can then strip the mats out one at a time. You can also try visualisation, meaning you take the information you have from doing the...
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    For Coaches How to introduce the concept and benefits of drills to gymnasts (and reluctant coaches)

    Best of luck Sari. Just be careful when giving more detail not to get too bogged down in it and end up overly wordy, or you'll lose them. You are going for specific, but also very focused. It's basically coming up with with a mantra for each drill of few focus points which you repeat.
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    For Coaches How to introduce the concept and benefits of drills to gymnasts (and reluctant coaches)

    If you are getting somewhere with the younger gymnasts give them plenty of positive reinforcement. Make it very specific and make sure the older girls hear it. So if they improve a skill praise their effort and attention on whichever drills you've been doing that related to that. You can also...
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    For Coaches Help to make basic skills fun for different age groups especially the boys

    You could show them some video for inspiration. Maybe a few different levels of gymnastics so that some are super impressive and some are a bit more relatable to them. You could even show them stuff that's not competitive gymnastics but builds on the same basics, like break dancing, street...
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    Back layout help

    Initially I would suggest you don't think about trying to not pike or tuck, but instead about delaying it until you see the floor. Then you can pike or tuck if you see you are coming up short.
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    How to straighten legs in back walkover?

    Do you do bridge kick-over with straight legs? Usually people bend their legs when they have difficulty getting over, but you'd usually deal with that in a kick-over so by the time you get to back walkover it wouldn't be a problem. You might need to go back to doing bridge kick-over and work on...
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    Crooked BackWalkover- Always Missing

    When you say it's fine on the floor is it just that if it isn't quite straight it doesn't matter and you don't notice, or is it that it does go straight when you don't need to place your hands so close together? Could you follow a tape line on the floor? Or could you do it on low beam with mats...
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    Righty or lefty gymnast?

    To be clear you don't need total consistency, but you need enough to not get confused and to be able to join things together. My guess is that you twist left going forwards, and round-off right (so that's also a left twist) which sets up a right twist because your right shoulder has further to...
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    Righty or lefty gymnast?

    *trampoline. (Hit post accidentally.)
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    Righty or lefty gymnast?

    I think it sounds like you're probably right side dominant. People who are right side dominant tend to twist to the left. The important thing though is to try to develop some consistency so you don't get confused. I'm wondering which side you round-off because a left hand round-off is a right...
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    Arms up for set-back tumbling

    It might help to think about getting your arms up and then bringing your body up to meet up your arms.
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    Learning to do a handstand...

    In the video you can see that they roll out when they overbalance. That's a nice get out from an overbalance because it allows (in fact requires) that you keep the handstand shape and body tension while overbalancing and only change shape to go into a roll as your shoulders approach the floor...
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    Learning to do a handstand...

    Facing the wall would be better to promote good form. As you walk your feet up the wall think about pushing the floor away through your shoulders. When you hit vertical aim to maximise the distance from hands to feet, eg.push floor away and grow toes up to the ceiling. Your starting point is...
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    Training/Open Gyms

    Open gym does not exist in the UK. That would not be an insurable situation. Or at least that was the case last time I looked (I haven't lived there for a few years.) If you're desperate to get some training in you contact gyms that will be practically accessible to you and ask if can train as...
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