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    Wrong body type for gymnastics?

    I’m not comfortable with this site talking about chest size of gymnasts. The OP has not responded. Locking this thread and moving on.
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    Return to gym stories

    Here is a link to the video WCC posted about their first day back.
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    Return to gym stories

    Full skills on beam and floor is a great start for the end of May. I’m sure her coaches will have drills to start up training soon If they haven’t already.
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    Gym opening data in the US by state

    In Texas, the response seems to be that the State rules supersedes the county. Our county judge implemented mandatory masks with fines and/ or jail for noncompliance, the Governor declared no fines ( essentialy making it a recommendation) and the county judge had to revise her order. Also our...
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    International Elite Maggie Haney suspended

    Sadly, most abusers think they are innocent. Some ( many? ) of her victims will always think they “deserved “ to be treated the way they were. I took care of two girls who’s mother was physically and emotionally abusive. One of the few things I can write, is that she beat them with hangers...
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    This sucks

    It’s good to “see “ you again Mariposa. How old is your daughter and what level is she coaching? What has she been up to since she retired?
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    Chellsie Memmel Comeback??

    If you haven’t seen her Instagram. Chellsie, as a mom of two kids, can climb the rope with her legs glued together in a V and do it fast. I am in absolute awe.
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    Gym opening data in the US by state

    Are Texas gymnastics gyms open today? I know regular gyms were allowed to open.
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    Is Tuition Up Due to Coronavirus?

    I think many gyms will have to increase their rates due to reduced occupancy, increased cleaning, etc.
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    Boy mom here :)

    Welcome to the Chalk Bucket!
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    For Parents Remembering

    There is no upper age limit for JO. There have been a few examples in the past few years of gymnasts competing in their late 30’s. Some have been former elite or college athletes. I’m sure some members can provide examples.
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    Poll Discussion (from the reopening gymnastics clubs poll)

    You are walking a tightrope. Please let’s not go there. There are a million places on the internet to have those discussions. The Chalk Bucket needs to be a safe space.
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    Floor music theme Helpp

    How old are you?
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    The Video Game Thread Strikes Back

    GT, you started this thread and I started thinking about an iPad game that I used to play and they stopped updating it. I downloaded it again and am hooked again. If anyone is looking for a free puzzle game for iPad, Tower Maddeness 2 has me hooked again. It’s so much more fun than laundry. If...
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    Gyms that are open for childcare

    Not really. K, the mom showers as soon as she gets home, takes shoes off outside, etc. The boys and I were wiping high touch ares with Lysol wipes multiple times a day, but that has slowed. The biggest difference, is the boys have not gone anywhere except walks with me and to the park for...
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