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    For Parents How large are the largest gyms?

    Thinking about it, a one floor gym is probably 10K or less, so 40K+ plus sounds big. Four or five floors and lots of other event equipment. It might be difficult to see gymnasts opposite from observations areas!
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    For Parents How large are the largest gyms?

    Hi. I’m just curious, how large are the largest gyms? A couple in our metro seem to be over 20,000 square feet at their one location. Some are probably a half or a third that size. I know that the number of square feet (or meters!) does not necessarily correlate with quality of instruction or...
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    For Parents DD returns to gym after 3 years off

    What a nice story. Good on your daughter!
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    For Parents Homeschooling

    The TOPS at our gym are all homeschooled, partially or fully. But that is handled the by the individual families. I’d be surprised if any gyms get directly involved in homeschooling, but maybe there are some. More families seem to like the idea these days, and not just because of coronavirus.
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    For Parents JO, xcel, gap ??

    At least two gyms in the area have cancelled their JO programs. The program coaches are apparently moving to two other gyms in the area. A lot of girls from one of the affected gyms has been trying out at my daughter’s gym. I’m sure some will move here.
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    For Parents Changing Gyms

    Every gym is different. What might fit best at one age might not be best at another. I know of one situation where several high level gymnasts left a gym last Spring and moved to another. At least one of those was a girl in her junior (penultimate) year of high school. At least one...
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    For Parents Best strong hold hair products!

    Hair nets work great. It’s a belt and suspenders approach. Our gym recommends Unicorn Snot. Truth be told we don’t use it so I can’t vouch for it. But I don’t have many opportunities to write Unicorn Snot.
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    Who is still paying their gym fees?

    Our gym stopping charging tuition when the State shut everything down. Despite that, the owners and coaches run Zoom workouts and stretching two to three times a week depending on the level. The gym asked for volunteer contributions and I gladly paid what I thought was an at least fair...
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    Getting the kids together to online condition

    Our gym has continued this, conditioning and stretching. It has settled in to a M W F scheduled in the afternoon for about 2 hours. They rotate through the owners and coaches during the time and vary what they cover each session. Before each session they email a short list of what will...
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    Changing JO Optional season to the fall

    While I’ve never thought about this idea, on the surface I don’t like the thought of moving meet season to the Fall. Kids are entering a new school year and need to settle into that. School comes first. That’s my immediate thought.
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    Getting the kids together to online condition

    Our gym did this today. It worked great! The owners and a couple of coaches took the girls through over an hour of conditioning and stretching. A few dozen girls showed up and they had fun seeing each other. The gym has previously emailed in some lists of daily exercises but this virtual...
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    For Parents How many L10 girls graduate from U.S. high schools every year?

    So to try and net this out with respect to scholarships... Somewhere more than 2,000 L10s, maybe as many as 2,900 but that includes the injured and recently retired, etc. Maybe a quarter graduate every year so 500 to 600 total to colleges including elites and out-of-country. Total Div1...
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    For Parents How many L10 girls graduate from U.S. high schools every year?

    I tried to be clear that I was asking only about girls, both in the subject line and the body of the email.
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    For Parents How many L10 girls graduate from U.S. high schools every year?

    Ok I see the distinction. And yes the value would probably be lower than the average. From what I can see of the L10s at our gym though the median would still be more than 3 and close to 4. And going direct to the source I emailed USAG and a nice lady replied “There are currently 2,940...