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    More floor music help

    What is this called? Thanks!
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    State Championship victories.

    Amazing, congratulations!! Now come work for me!!
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    What is this floor music?

    Does anyone know? Have a girl that I think it's perfect for.
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    Now hiring for all positions in southern NH

    We are a new gym with a projected opening in August 2016. We are looking for preschool and recreational teachers, a preschool/rec program director, Xcel team coaches and an Xcel team director. We are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic, positive, and creative. We want to set ourselves...
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    long commutes

    Hi, I recall there might be someone on here that drives 80 mi. to their gym. Or maybe it is 80 minutes. I'd love to hear from anyone who drives over an hour to do gym. What is the drive like? Does the gymnast eat and do homework in the car? How long have you been doing the drive for? Is...
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    bail from horizontal cast

    In a level 8 bar routine, does a bail have to come from handstand in order to receive no angle deductions on the cast? I thought I remembered some exceptions to the rule but can't find it except when doing the bail from an underswing.
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    Floor music suggestions

    For a gymnast who is set on Jordyn Wieber's music (Wild Dances) but whose coach thinks it is too popular, what are some suggestions that she might like? Thanks!
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    Dropping back a level

    Nevermind. She got an answer back quickly. One of her meets was a sectional. She cannot drop back.
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    Dropping back a level

    We have a new girl joining our level 3 team this coming Tuesday. She has been competing 4 in another state all season. We don't have any level 4s this year but even if we did our gyms standards would probably put her at level 3 anyway. She did one season of 3 last year scoring 34s and an...
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    Coach/judge question re: L6 bars

    I have found that good form usually scores out over ugly but bigger skills.
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    Gyms North of Boston

    We have 3 girls at our gym that have moved from Brestyan's due to poor coaching (mean, yelling, too many kids in a group). They have a huge team and it is obviously great for some and can get you to a high level but just check it out to make sure it is for you.
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    Overcoming fear success stories

    Today went well. She did 20 with a "spot", which is really me just putting a finger on he, with no balks. She did say she likes doing them but I had told her ahead of time that I was going to spot them all for a week. We also worked on using key words before she takes a turn and during the...
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    Overcoming fear success stories

    No she won't. She often asks for me to just stand there but then won't let go. I literally just put one finger on her when I do what she calls a light spot. She says she feels that I'm not helping. I've tried explaining that I'll still be right there, ready to spot if she needs me to. And she...
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    Overcoming fear success stories

    I am dealing with an athlete with a beautiful flyaway who won't go alone. She has done them alone before but not in the past two weeks. There are no other fears on any other event but also on clearhips. I'm wondering what has worked best to overcome these seemingly irrational fears. She will be...
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    Next step for stalders

    I have a couple girls playing around with some stalders and they are coming along faster than I expected. I'm unsure of how to get them from a simple swing under the bar to actually doing the skill. They go from a jump off a block, lifting the heels back at the beginning and dropping under the...
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    Toe shoot to support

    Thanks everyone. We will begin work on them again today, after a break for Labor Day. I will try some of your suggestions.