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    Jaeger Help??

    Alright, thanks for the help everyone! I know it's only August, but I'm just really excited for all of these skills to come together into a routine. And I know that this seems like a simple problem, but I'm actually having lots of trouble with it! Anyway, thanks again, and I'll keep working on...
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    Jaeger Help??

    I have been working jaegers for about a year now, and am finally catching, and working consistency. I have had problems with kipping and casting out of the jaeger, simply because I have so much power after catching. Any ideas??? I have a video posted here, if you would like to watch...
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    Back Handspring- Back Handspring Trouble!!

    I am a Level 9 gymnast, and my series on beam is a Bhs Bhs. You'd think I would be able to do a good Bhs on beam by now, but unfortunately, I have lots of trouble with them. I learned them incorrectly, and I've never really been able to fix the problems thats caused. I posted a few videos of...
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    I posted two videos- here is one of my more recent ones, which I didn't catch: Jaeger2 - YouTube and one of the ones I caught when I first started learning them- Jaeger - YouTube
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    I have been working on jaegers for quite some time. When I first began working on them, I was easily able to catch a few, but then I just stopped catching. It's been about 1/2 a year now, and I still haven't caught another one. I was just wondering what I might be doing wrong so that I am not...
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    Do I have a chance?

    You always have a chance, but the percentage is so low that it's not likely. Instead of basing your gymnastics on getting to the olympics, why don't you set smaller goals for yourself and work your way up? Who knows, maybe one day you will be on that Olympic Podium!! And if not, you should...
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    Deductions on this Bar Routine??

    I am competing my first Level 9 meet this weekend, and I am wondering what deductions I will get on this bar routine. Bars is my best event, so I really need to perfect it, by fixing even the smalllest deductions. Also, I am studying how to judge, since I am considering becoming a judge, and I...
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    Kip- UGH

    There is a chance that you're changing the kip when the coach isn't there... One thing I would try is doing a few with the coach spotting you and asking him/her not to spot you on a random one. That way, you won't know when the coach isn't going to be spotting you, and you won't change your...
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    I need help with my Hand Front Vault!

    Ok thanks so much, I didn't even notice that before. It is definitely something to play with. You're right, the inconsistency was what was concerning me, sometimes I'd nail them, but mostly I would fall, and I didn't understand why. This could definitely be part of the problem. I'll have my...
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    I need help with my Hand Front Vault!

    What are you talking about?
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    I need help with my Hand Front Vault!

    Hi guys! I have been having a lot of trouble with my Hand Front Vault. I usually fall on them, and our first meet is next week. I really need some help learning why I am falling and how to make my vault better. I have been told I am coming on high and opening early. Also, I am wondering the...