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    Letter to my former self

    Copied from another site. One day you will get in the car after training and she will tell you she is done. This will hit like a bolt of lightening in a flash summer storm. Although you are stunned by the revelation you tell her it’s ok, it’s her decision and you support it. Today you are...
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    I love this blog!

    This blog shines a light on the difficulties many parents face in the world of gymnastics. No matter which country you are from, the narratives may well resonate with your own experiences. The following post entitled 'I wish I had known' discusses the coaching environment and the impact an ego...
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    'If I knew then what I know now' - interested to see views from UK parents.

    The Parents thread had a post with the same title and I assume most posts were from parents in the US. There are 2 clear difference between the UK and the US at the top end; the money involved through sponsorship deals when competing on the Olympic Team and the pursuit of college scholarships...
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    Why parents may accept abusive coaching

    There is an interesting blog post around abuse, victim shaming and why parents may not take action when they see issues. A criticism often cited when athletes/parents reveal abusive coaching methods after retirement is why are they only now talking about this? For those who may not have reached...
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    abuse or bad practice?

    Came across this blog post on Facebook. It talks about British Gymnastics 'gold standard' safeguarding policies then follows up with a story from a gymnast talking about her time in the gym (at the end of the piece). The article puts some questions out there as to how bad coaching practices come...
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    I saw on another forum that a number of gymnasts have left Europa and are going to a new club. Looking on social media it seems like the Europa Elite girls are moving to Greenwich. It looks like it is local to Europa but i've not heard much about it. Anyone know why they have left?
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    National finals

    Did anyone go this year? Also was wondering what happened to Jaimee Smith and Akeilah Ashman-Howe. 2 of the top girls in the level 2 age group and neither competed. Anyone know if they are injured?
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    Positive, supportive NCAA programs

    I have been reading the posts on both here and the College Gymnastics Board and along with everyone else am appalled at the behaviour and subsequent responses to the alleged coaching practices at PSU. As a mom of a former elite I have been in a club environment similar to this and was...