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    New routines/changes?

    That is just crazy. On the other end of the spectrum is DS's coach, who wouldn't let him repeat L4 even when he was still a 6 year old, because he said the routines were too boring. Nevermind the fact that he was missing a good number of L5 skills at the time. Somehow I think there is a...
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    New routines/changes?

    Yeah, I'm surprised they took away pommel at L6. When DS was a barely 6 year old L4, it was ridiculous. He could barely lift his leg over it. It would have been a much better use of time to work more on the circles. But he's gradually become better at pommel as he has grown. And some of the...
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    Age requirement changes?

    Do they all have summer birthdays? Anyone with a birthday between Sept 1 and May 31 is skipping an age, so under the current rules they would be 8 year olds for the coming season. Either way, I would think they would be in the extreme minority if they are ready for L7. They must be very...
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    Commuting to gymnastics

    I would never consider that kind of arrangement. I hate to discourage any boys from doing gymnastics, but that would not work for our family. One of the reasons I don't stay to watch any practices is that I don't think it's fair to my other kids. They want to come home and go outside to play...
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    Questions about boys gymnastics

    Boys gymnastics is a lot more laid back in general than girls gymnastics, though you will find some variation in this depending on the gym. It can be a lot more difficult to find a gym with a boys program, though, so you may need to be willing to drive further. We have had times where I wasn't...
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    Your input, please

    In general, I do think that parents should just stay out of it and let the coaches coach, but this is ridiculous. I don't think you overstepped at all. You told her to imagine a rainbow, and you said it at home. It's not like you stepped out on the floor to spot her during practice or...
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    Changes Coming

    Yes! If they're both arbitrary, why change it? I really like that the current date puts them with their school age peers (though I guess that may vary by region). Also, the youngest boys will now potentially be 5 year olds. That seems so early to me. It's funny to me that my son has been...
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    Changes Coming

    I believe a 12 year old can compete any level except 9 or 10. However, only certain age groups can qualify for JO Nationals in levels 8, 9, and 10. Anyone 11 and up can compete level 8, but only 11 and 12 year olds can qualify for Nationals. In level 9, only 13 and 14 year olds can go to...
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    Hair question

    This post was surprisingly entertaining. :D I personally think bows are cute on young girls, but that they look silly on older girls. That being said, I've never even noticed Simone's bows until that picture. I've only noticed her amazing gymnastics. The older I get, the more I realize that...
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    Sharp's home raided last night

    That is just sickening. This story went wrong in so many places. I cannot fathom how this went on for two years without the parents suspecting something. Who lets a gymnastics coach photograph their daughter? There should never ever be any opportunity for him to be alone with her behind a...
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    Getting out of school early.....

    I would not agree to that schedule. I know that at our gym the boys and girls often condition together (even if they're not always given the same conditioning exercises). I've even seen them working vault and floor at the same time. I wonder if it's possible to start the boys practice later...
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    USAG membership fees

    We pay $54 for USAG plus a state fee as well, and it all gets added into the team fees. I'm confused about the form, though. I thought it had to be signed by a parent?
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    When to make the adult decision.

    We had a similar situation last summer due to a temporary lack of an assistant coach. It was total chaos, and more often than not, my son spent the whole practice goofing off and skipping turns, with nobody available or willing to tell him to cut it out. Several times, I walked in to see the...
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    Would you say something

    I like to remain anonymous, but if someone recognized me I would definitely rather them let me know. I try to be careful about what I post, but I've put enough information on here about my son that someone who already knew him would make the connection. It doesn't help that MAG is a smaller...
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    small hands

    Not knowing enough about how hand size could affect his ability to do L6 skills, I would ask the coach to explain exactly how that is an issue. Is it a safety concern regardless of whether he gets the skills? Or is it just harder to get the skills with smaller hands? If it's the latter, it...
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    Mushroom at Home?

    In the beginning, I thought the whole thing was some sort of practical joke, because who could ever learn to do something that impossible? But then he started connecting more and more circles, and suddenly it seemed like just getting around the thing was no longer the hard part. Then I tried...
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    Mushroom at Home?

    They make it look so easy. It's NOT.
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    Mushroom at Home?

    It was very helpful in the beginning, but back then he was only practicing 4 hours a week, so it seemed they barely had any time on each event. Before we got the mushroom, he could not even complete one circle. Within a week, he was doing one circle, and I think it took a couple of months...
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    Too tired for training

    A more substantial snack before practice and a small snack to eat during practice seemed to really help my son. He's much younger, but he was having similar issues.
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    Does Everyone Get a Trophy?

    I found the rules for awards on our state's men's gymnastics website, so NY may have something similar. The rules apply to all state qualifying meets, so any out of state meets of course would have different rules. The year my son did L4 medals were 50% +1 for AA only, and nothing for events...