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    Meet Director

    Is it possible to become a meet director without being a coach? i am looking at usag and little confused.
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    Flat footed

    Anything that can be worn to help ease the ache that comes from being flat footed
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    when do you know its time to make them quit

    do you know anyone that has made their child quit? what have been the circumstances?
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    Gymnastics showcases

    saw a prior thread and found info online. but has anyone gone? what exactly goes on? it says the gymnast shows skills but is it run like a meet?? help!!!! LOL
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    Sleeping "issues"

    No matter what time my daughter goes to sleep she wakes up early. I know it isn't good for her but not sure what to do. Any ideas for good black out blinds or other things to help her sleep just a little later.
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    Region Developmental Camps

    Has anyone gone to their regions developmental camp? how was the experience? any insight will be great.
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    WCC Summer Camp

    Anyone not from Texas going to this summer camp or has been? We signed up and was just trying to get the logistics down.
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    Rest before states

    My DD has states on a Sunday. Coaches are leaving Friday because some girls go Saturday. So that means my DD will be out of gym 2 days without any gymnastics. What ate your thoughts should she do something to keep her body moving or just enjoy.
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    Sole circle/squat on

    If someone attempts a squat on and doesn't fully completed but continues routine by doing sole circle is there a deduction?
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    Repeat L7 or move up

    With our season ends soon approaching a lot of moms are thinking if having their child repeat L7 because their daughters aren't consistent in their skills. What are your opinionsite? What will your factors be for repeating.
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    Mobility scores

    With the new mobility score for L4 go up to 34, I know some may struggle. Does USAG really check on these.
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    Losing sleep/anxiety

    My daughter can't get out of her own head. I reminded her yesterday that her meet is next week which apparently she forgot. I think it dawned on her she only has a few days to clean up her bar routine and last night she couldn't get to sleep. It was 1am and she was still up, she does this...
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    Age determination date

    What does it mean. I was checking nyusag and it says Age determination date April 29 2018
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    Can gymnast go back a level

    Some of our girls are competing L7 this weekend and we're told by the coach nit to worry if they don't score well they can go back to L6 since meet is before February. Is this such a thing? We are region 6 if that makes a difference.
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    Mental blocks balking

    Ok my friends daughter in November had a bad meet where she fell on her back tuck on floor and bars. Then was out because of hairline fracture on ankle. She is at a loss and I feel bad I can't give advice. Any words of wisdom you guys can give. Thanks
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    Backwards roll beam value

    Is that an A or B
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    10th to death

    After my daughter's beam score my coach went up to ask why so low (8.650). Apparently she got 10th to death because of bent knees. It isn't a form issue, it is the back of her knees that don't seem to straighten out. Any stretching she can do do help "loosen" stretch this muscle?
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    Beam routine need clarification

    Coach wants to eliminate the bhs and do 2 jump splits Yay or nay
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    Missing beam elements

    Critique card states Start value 9.1 missing SR and 1B and 1A
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    Floor routines

    If you switch gyms and just got your floor routine from old gym. Can you still use the routine in the new gym.