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    Importance of Preschool Coaches

    I've just started coaching in the past year at my gym -- it's SO much fun, and I feel like I have the best job in the entire world! (at least for a highschool student) Pre-schoolers are indeed fun to teach, as are the girls who are just starting to get into the harder gymnastics moves. I love...
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    Roundoffs or Half-ons

    I compete half-on full-offs and they work really well, at least for Highschool Gymnastics. I twist better than I flip, and I've found Tsuks really hard and frustrating, so instead of a flipping vault I'm working towards the 1/2 on 1 1/2 off. So yes, as everyone else has already said, half-ons...
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    Time to get grips?

    I got real dowel grips as soon as I got my kips, and they've worked great for me -- I really had no problem adjusting. I wear wristies with them, though it's not really needed since they are velcro with padding. I don't think I could get used to the one's with the buckles, and I just use a...
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    High School & Compulsories

    Our whole varsity team competes an optional routine, minus one. We usually don't end up taking her score though, since you only take 5 of the 6. Helped us win state this year, though we had some problems on bars at the state meet... :D
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    Routine music

    I actually used music from the DanceDance Revolution game this year. I only compete in highschool gymnastics, but it worked really well for me, since it had a nice upbeat tempo. It was also very original, and I never heard anyone else with the same music. Also, a few of my teammates had a friend...
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    Set on a back tuck (eliminating whip)

    At my gym, we have a trampoline tumble track, and on the wall opposite the end of the tramp is a bullseye that my coach put on the wall a while back...I used to have problems with setting when I was learning back tucks, so my coach would have me try to sight the bullseye before flipping. It...