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    Advice Needed :)

    I think the first thing I would do is have a chat with the owner. Ask to schedule a meeting and let her know you are just not happy with the new arrangement. Your DD loves the lo her hours, in very keen to compete and that her specific personality means going into the lower group is not really...
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    What do I do

    Are there other coaches you can talk to? Do you have anyway of doing a fact check? What concerns me is that you may have a one sided opinion on the situation from a disgruntled employee. That may not be the case, but it’s a big depiction and you want to make sure you have all the information...
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    I can't tuck on my back tuck!

    In gymnastics the problem is rarely the actual underlying cause. It’s usually not enough to just tuck more, and there are specific technical corrections that need to be made, and once they are the skill fixes itself. There are a huge number of reasons of a tuck not working. It would be really...
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    Age groups at meets

    At our competitions they give 1st-6th on every apparatus, and either 1st-3rd or 1st-6th All Around and that is all. They don’t split them into age groups, that is 1st-6th out of everyone. Some meets do split it, it there will only be two age groups per level, that is all. So that can be out...
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    Part of the problem, is that not getting a skills is actually part of the process of getting the skills. If a kid cant do a skill, most of the time it is because she is not ready to do it for some reason. It could be she needs a few more drills, needs to build confidence, is lacking in a...
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    Age groups at meets

    That must make for a very long awards ceremony!
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    Coach Problems

    30 of each tumbling line. If that is what is happened h then this coach knows very, very little about effective coaching, physical development, or gymnastics safety. For the hours your child is at the gym, you are literally putting your kids life into the hands of this coach. Don’t let your...
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    Some gyms do divide the kids by height. It makes it easier for apparatus settings, setting up drills and so on.
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    When and what for dinner?

    Do you have a microwave at the gym? Could you bring something and eat before training?
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    5 year olds self esteem. Opinions please!

    It won't nessesarily matter if you can see or hear the conditioning. If you can at least see or hear part of the lessons, you will get to kmow the energy of the coach, discipline methods etc.
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    Competitive swimming after gymnastics?

    Like in gymnastics, it's also going to come down to her goals in the sport. Swimming can be done at every level, just like gymnastics. Recreational just for fun, fitness and skill. Low level competitive, right through to elite. I am speaking from my own experience, it might be different in...
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    Star system to move up- normal?

    This is why I ask if it is the same coach evaluating the children each day. What one coach considers mastered. Any be different to another. For example the skill may be a pullover, one coach may consider it mastered if the child can get herself up to front support on the bar, even without...
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    5 year olds self esteem. Opinions please!

    Is it possible that your daughter interpreted the situation incorrectly. Sitting a child up for struggling with conditioning is a real concern, and of course rather counterproductive. But perhaps she was put in to,e out for a different reason, like pushing another child or refusing to listen...
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    Star system to move up- normal?

    The issue is that gymnastics builds on itself, so if even one star is missing it might make the next level impossible to learn. Before a gymnasts can learn to handstand forward roll, for example, they must be able to do a handstand and a forward roll. If they can't do one of those skills, then...
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    Does it really matter what gym they go to when they are 5-6 years old

    5-7 is a crucial age in their gymnastics development, it matters where they go. At this age, few kids have a “passion”, for gymnastics. Many parents think they do, but flipping on the trampoline all weekend isn’t really what passion is. Many kids have a spark, and they love it. A great coach...
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    New to competition level gymnastics, is this normal?

    It’s quite possibly a safety issue. Sometimes a certain group of kids (especially at lower levels) may look like they are a similar level skill wise, but they may be missing certain strength/flexibility elements required to start working specific skills. For example if the new skill is...
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    The dreaded 13-15 year old hump

    There is a LOT going on with kids at that age. They often grow rapidly and it can be disheartening to lose skills and learn skills slower as they adjust to a new body. Hormones go crazy and they often become more easily distracted, less energetic etc. There is more pressure at school, more...
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    Sylvia P leo fit?

    SylviaP is our local company so pretty much the main suppliers for leotards in our area. Her sizing is pretty standard Australian sizing, and Australian sizing is bigger than US sizing. What we call a size 10 is not comparable to what you would call a size 10 in the US. Our kids who wear a...
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    Ideal training hours

    The only problem here is that research into injury rates has found that even for teenagers, once the training session is longer than 3 1/2 hours the rate/risk of injury significantly increases. 4 hours is common in most gyms, but the last 30 mins can be conditioning etc to reduce the risk. But...
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    Ideal training hours

    Interesting that such limits exist for children/teens when it comes to hours they can work in a job, but not the number of hours they can train in sport.