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    Results Scottish

    Comp3In Individual Rankings: 1 58.102 - Phoebe Cameron (Hamilton) 2 56.818 - Casey Reid (Garioch) 3 55.818 - Isla Mcgregor (City of Glasgow) 4 54.117 - Emily Shearer (Largs) 5 53.752 - Ava Macfarlane (City of Glasgow) 6 49.919 - Abigail Cochrane (City of...
  2. Scotsgirl

    Update DD back

    DD has been attending physio , she has been given several exercises to do twice a day . The physio said she has back hyper mobility , she has now been told she can slowly introduce all the skills and conditioning back into her training . I don't know to much about this so was wondering if any...
  3. Scotsgirl

    Good News :)

    DD has been to physio tonight , the diagnosis is over stretching of the ligaments , no structural damage etc. No bwo or bridges etc for 6-8 weeks . Her shoulder flexibility is not the best so her back has been compensating for this . She has been given strength exercises to do and a follow up...
  4. Scotsgirl

    Back pain

    I have posted in another forum about my dd suffering from back pain for around a week at gym but not constant , does anyone have any experience with this please ? she is nearly 8 and her hours have increased her coach is having a word with hc to see if she needs physio . She is ok and only has...
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    Back Pain

    DD has been having back pain at gym , tonight she had a few tears and her coach said its not like her and has had a few episodes of this , she is going to speak to the head coach and get back to us maybe physio for her. Has anyone had any experience with this , dd is almost 8 and is now doing 14...
  6. Scotsgirl

    First four piece competition

    Dd competed in her first ever 4 piece comp , this was a development competition with 49 girls from other clubs , I have to say I took myself by surprise at how nervous I was watching her on beam and had to look away as dd fell off and got back up had a couple of other falls and I just wanted to...
  7. Scotsgirl

    Decorating numbers

    DD has her first 4 piece comp coming up next month and she has came home with a note to say she needs to decorate her number , we are in Scotland and I have never heard of this . Please someone help anyone got any ideas , I am more of a stick man artist , do people go with a theme maybe...
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    I always gasp when I see posts from the US and Canada about the costs of going to competitions etc, am I being naive here ? as so far we have only had a few wee competitions a year and these have not cost much at all . Now dd has been on another pathway since summer she could be preparing for...
  9. Scotsgirl

    ooft dd has lost the plot :D

    So thought I would share dd7 is obsessed with one of the older gymnasts , she constantly talks about her , took my phone added her on fb sent her a message to tell her she has made her a card :D , came home from school today made this girl an invite to our house for a sleepover and is going to...
  10. Scotsgirl

    Has anyone read this story ?

    As I was browsing my facebook page a story caught my eye from a page called Gymnastics World , its aboout two girls from Belarus who were to represent their country in the world championships but this has been taken away as two girls have obtained dual citizenship and will represent their...
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    Hi just a question about routines , do the gymnasts make their own routines to a certain degree ?
  12. Scotsgirl

    Tickets for the World championships :)

    Very excited , we just got tickets to the World championships in Glagow woop woop :) anyone else going ?
  13. Scotsgirl

    chin up bar ?

    I have purchased a chin up bar for dd age 6 nearly 7 , was wondering what others thought about using one of these , thanks :)
  14. Scotsgirl

    I actually know very little , am I the only one ?

    I joined here last night and realise I know pretty much nothing haha is this something I should feel ashamed of ? sorry to say I do not haha , my thinking is I will learn with my dd in time , she has competed in six competitions and is nearly seven and I am very proud of her carefree attitude...
  15. Scotsgirl

    Splitting up classes

    Hi , my daughter has competed with her group for the past year and has built good friendships with the other girls . Her class has now been split by date of birth and since she is the youngest she has to stay in this class and watch the other girls move on bearing in mind these girls are well...
  16. Scotsgirl

    Introducing myself :)

    Hi there, I would like to introduce myself I am Michelle from Scotland and have a six nearly seven year old daughter who trains twice a week and has been competing for the last year :)