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  1. txgymfan

    Article: Simone has changed gymnastics forever Excellent article about how Simone has changed the sport both in and out of the gym.,
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    Summer is starting

    Let’s celebrate! What are you looking forward to this summer both for your gymnast and for you/your family. I’m ready to spend more time with the kids and can’t wait to see my parents at the lake later this summer.
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    Former elite training after having 3 children Saw this on another site and was impressed enough to share with you. Krystal Bodenschatz ( formerly Uzelac) was an elite in the late 90s, early 2000s. She is training a double pike off beam, a double layout dismount on bars , a 2.5 twist on floor (onto a...
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    Australian Olympian on Ninja Warrior

    2008 Olympic Gymnast does a back hip circle up the warped wall. So cool!
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    Positive Gymnastics/Olympic Role Models

    Spinning off the SJ and Aly threads. Who are the former gymnasts or other Olympic sport role models that you most admire and hope your DD or DS will notice and why? During the Olympics, I made it a point to talk about Katie Ledecky. She is one of the best swimmers of all time, a student at...
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    Parenting an Olympian by Shawn Johnson's mom I saw this on another forum and thought you would be interested to read her perspective. What do you think?
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    New Penn State Coach

    The new coach is Sarah Shire Brown. She was first alternate at the 2004 Olympuc trials. Her mom used to post here and was one of the first to post about the difficulties if D1 college gymnastics. Sarah transferred from Utah to Missouri after a difficult freshman year. I hope she has learned...
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    Laura Wilkinson, diver, returns to competition

    At the age of 39! Laura is a former Karoly gymnast and won gold medal in Sydney at the 2000 Olympics. She is a mom of 3 kids under the age of six. I've been following her of Facebook for years and admire her preserverance and attitude. She posted this video a few days ago. She is amazing!
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    CB Scavenger Hunt

    As I was typing I gave myself an idea. Please feel free to add to it. One of our favorite elements is the Dick Mount. We want to see international dicks at the Olympics. Post link to video or just tell us who did it when at the O's. What other elements should we looking for?
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    Help, I need a new camera.

    Ok photographers, this is off topic but I need your help. I need recommendations for a decent point and shoot camera in the $200 range. This is not just for gymnastics but everyday use with 2 active girls.
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    Spin Off - Encouraging Gymnastics in Underrepresented States and Regions

    I am starting this because it seems like a natural spin off from the discussion about Nationals needing to representing the entire US vs the best gymnasts in the US. What should we or someone do to encourage gymnastics in the underrepresented states and regions? Coaching development? More...
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    Alabama Vs Florida Free Live Stream

    If you can't get the Nastia Cup live stream to work here is another option Alabama vs FL Free Live Stream 8.30 PM ET
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    ATT American Cup - Free live stream

    FYI The first 90 minutes of the American Cup (11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. ET) will be streamed live on The live NBC broadcast will be from 1:00-3:00 p.m. ET. US gymnasts include U.S. National Team member Brenna Dowell joins Elizabeth Price, Sam Mikulak and John Orozco.
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    Being Sentimental

    I saw this tonight on twitter and it made me sentimental. I hope all of our little gymmies feel the same way about one of their coaches at the end of their career. Chelsea was the first athlete Kim took to worlds as a coach and they obviously have a very special bond. I thought you would like...
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    Have you seen this? Do NOT try this at home

    Jean Claude Van Damme in Epic splits
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    Spin off of Press Handstand - Parents what can you do?

    Twice since I have been on CB we have had parent skill contest. The submissions were on video and VERY funny. The winner did a full turn on beam. Submissions could be submitted with blurred faces and or shot neck down. Bog and other Mod's should we revive the contest? I volunteer to be a...
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    Chellsie Memmel

    Have you heard? Chellsie Memmel will return to gymnastics in T&T. Here is an article posted today. Chellsie Memmel to return to gymnastics -- as an elite tumbler - National Gymnastics | I'm happy for her!
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    LAST SPOILER Womens Beam, Floor, Mens High Bar, PBars POST SPOILERS HERE

    Beam Gabby and Aly Floor Aly and Jordyn High Bar John Horton and Danell P Bars I'm really hoping for an individual medal for the US gymnasts (espically Aly). Once again I will be checking for results online late in the day. Good Luck to all and No Falls Please!
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    SPOILER Mens Rings, Women's Bars, Mens Vault (Post Spoilers Here)

    In anticipation of tomorrow's event finals. For the US: Gabby on Bars Sam on Vault For GB: Beth Tweddle on Bars Thomas Kristian on Vault Let's have a no falls final please! Good luck to all.
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    SPOILER Event Finals Mens Floor, Women's Vault , Mens Pommel (post spoilers here)

    Vault, I am cheering for McKayla, she is so good and has such a fun and dynamic personality. I would love the silver to go to Chusovetina, she is 37! Pena from DR is my choice for Bronze. Russia after not fighting for vault landings, I will not cheer for the Russian athletes on this event...