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    Custom Floor music

    Thanks. Have you used them?
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    Custom Floor music

    There is a thread from 2015 about this but was hoping for some more recent info. Has anyone had success using either Jumptwist or Energym for custom music? Or, any other recommendations would be great. DD found music but it's not cut and needs more than a cut at the beginning or end. Thanks!
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    MyKayla Skinner announces 2020 Olympic run

    But she said "going home to AZ to train" so I read that to mean she is leaving school?. It is unfortunate that she has to choose one or the other and can not do both simultaneously.
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    Junior Olympic New Recruiting Rules?

    Did anyone else who watched the webinar find it ridiculous that paid recruiting services can talk to college coaches on behalf of your younger child but parents, coaches and the child themselves can not? She pointed this out repeatedly as well as pointing out that she expects to see a boom in...
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    Gyms in New Haven, CT Area?

    CGA in Wallingford
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    USOC moves to revoke USAG...

    Why come forward now? Penny doesn't want to go to prison. He is saying they were never missing at all. I'm fairly certain people knew exactly where they were the whole time.
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    Repeating Level 9 and Dreams of Elite

    I've seen a girl qualify senior elite without ever doing hopes or junior elite.
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    When is last National Elite Qualifier

    Does anyone know when the last National Elite Qualifier is this year. Is there one planned for right before the American Classic and Hopes Classic like in previous years?
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    Anyone following what is happening with USAG?!?! (Rhonda Faehn asked to resign)

    I read the job description as National team and developmental team head coach. I think there are likey people interested. Especially those who think they can help lead USAG in a positive direction.
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    Anyone following what is happening with USAG?!?! (Rhonda Faehn asked to resign)

    What is the "proposed new date for nationals"? Thanks.
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    First nationals is in the books...

    She did amazing against some very stiff competition!!!
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    Olecranon apophysitis

    She rested them completely a couple of times, ices after practice, heat, massage, PT and does nothing that hurts. It's has not been quick to heal but is better than it was at first. Good luck. I hope your DD heals soon!
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    First nationals is in the books...

    Did you mean JO National Team?
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    Olecranon apophysitis

    Can I ask what you are doing for it? I'd love to hear some ideas that might help speed healing :)
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    Olecranon apophysitis

    Hi. We never got anymore info from the forum.However, she is doing OK and is avoiding anything that hurts hoping that with rest it will resolve over time.
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    DD desparate to do more and compete

    You should definitely ask. Even if the program is invite only, letting them know your daughters interest will likely get her on someones radar. My DD did a year of rec and no team coach even knew she was in the gym. Fast forward one conversation and many years - she competed level 9 this season.
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    Being denied preteam opportunity

    It's a terrible feeling and we've experienced it. It honestly felt personal and it was a battle we didn't want to have and didn't think was necessary. The coach who made the decision had her favorites and picked based on that. I have more than one DD. One was a favorite, the other two were not...
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    Olecranon apophysitis

    Pitcher's elbow is typically on the inside of the elbow (medial epicondylitis) while this is on the posterior of the elbow at the olecranon). DD is 11.
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    Stretching routine music

    Katy Perry -Rise
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    Olecranon apophysitis

    Wondering if folks have stories of dealing with olecranon apophysitis. Would be interested to hear about diagnosis, treatment and recovery times. Also any success with PT, bracing, ice, heat etc?