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  1. jenjean70

    Region Championships not allowing some to compete

    I don't know....I only learned that there was a world outside of region 3 that did things differently from this group. It would be nice if things were uniform across the board.
  2. jenjean70

    Region Championships not allowing some to compete

    Originally I think they weren't going to let them compete last year but because people weren't informed I think they let them but changed it for the following year (this year)- I guess the coaches forgot that this was discussed.
  3. jenjean70

    Region Championships not allowing some to compete

    This year in region 3 ALL of the optional gymnasts qualify to regionals since they separated Optional and compulsory regionals and added level 4 and 5 to the compulsory regional competition.
  4. jenjean70

    Region Championships not allowing some to compete

    It had been mentioned last year in region 3 but our coaches forgot about it. I had looked on the region 3 website and noticed that the older level 8s and 9s weren't allowed to go to regionals (last year it was listed that they couldn't do state either)- I mentioned it to our coach in September...
  5. jenjean70

    YouTube / Instagram stars

    I love Sage also. She had bad luck with injuries and then when her Dad died- that was heartbreaking. She doesn't post on You Tube much anymore. There was another gymnast who was very good and posted on YouTube when she was young- Kyrie. I was amazed at the level of talent and perfection from...
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    Question regarding, I guess?

    That is so exciting! I am happy you have found a better fit. Good luck this season!
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    Question regarding, I guess?

    Knowing what I know now I would be concerned. My son's coaches used to be more hands off when the boys were learning skills. They would spot but only until a gymnast made the skills a few times in a practice. I think they felt that if they got it once or got it in practice multiple times one day...
  8. jenjean70

    Introduction and Question

    I don't know how close Keller is to WOGA Frisco but they have a great program, so does Eagle gymnastics also in Frisco as well as Texas Dreams. We are in the Houston area but these are the teams I recognize that do well at meets.
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    Akash Modi hurt?

    That's what I was thinking. :(
  10. jenjean70

    Akash Modi hurt?

    I was watching the podium training of Akash Modi on floor and it looks like he's afraid to land on his ankle. Does anyone know what happened?
  11. jenjean70

    My son just started gymnastics

    My son is a gymnast and he loves it. Our gym has a very big boys team and 3 male coaches- One of the coaches is the owners son. Welcome! Does he want to compete in gymnastics or focus on cheerleading?
  12. jenjean70

    International Elite Who am I thinking about?

    I just looked her up...How long ago did she make the switch? She is AMAZING!
  13. jenjean70

    Daughter’ s friends not supportive of her gymnastics

    It's nice that you have a kid that can explain it. I have always wondered why my son doesn't do gymnastics in front of others even when they are flipping- this gives me insight into his brain! :)
  14. jenjean70

    Why don’t parents protest?

    Our coach wanted all of the boys to have matching converse. A couple of the boys got them but it wasn't a big deal if they didn't have them- they just wanted them to look "cool". (yes we have very young coaches- lol!)
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    Look at this gymnastics compilation....

    I knew it was someone on here that's why I shared it....I just couldn't remember who belonged to who so I didn't call anyone out. ;) That was AMAZING!!!
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    Dr Sands article - What is wrong with WAG in the US

    I read the entire article. I agree with the education and professionalism of coaches but wonder how it will be funded. Most coaches are paid woefully little and can't afford much continuing education. The gym would have to forego some profit or charge the customers more to cover the cost. While...
  17. jenjean70

    Divisions within levels

    There are JD nationals?! I didn't know that!