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    Good luck!!!

    Just wanted to say good luck to everyone competing this weekend!:)
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    Skill difficulty level.

    So my brother just started dabbling in gymnastics because he thought it would help his pole vaulting. He even participated in a Master's Meet on vault. He was talking about potentially adding high bar and floor next year. Being a gymnast and a coach, I can help him with some stuff. But as I...
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    Level 9 floor tumbling requirements

    Someone mentioned to me today at a meet that I might be getting deducted for not fulfilling floor tumbling requirements at level nine, so I wanted to ask around here. Due to a bum shoulder, my passes are currently: Round off Full Round off back tuck punch front running front full I know...
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    Shoulder Pain?

    So here's the deal... I was swinging bars a few weeks ago and noticed that my shoulder felt weird. Not painful, but weird. The next day I did bars again and suddenly had a pain shoot through my arm and it suddenly hurt to even lift my arm up. I have a pretty high pain threshold so this had me...
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    Stalder Circles

    I was thinking about starting these with my gymnasts, but I have no idea how to start. Does anyone have some basic drills that I could set them up with to begin training them? Thanks!:o
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    Tuck Full?

    I've always been twisting challenge and have finally learned a full- very exciting for me. For some reason I've decided to start competing again at age 25 and am competing level 9 in a few weeks. I wanted some people's opinions. These are the first...
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    First real level 9 meet for an old lady

    Tonight I'm competing in my first level 9 meet and i'm 25... I need all the luck I can get! I haven't had the opportunity to train in about two months... This could be a disaster!
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    Leotards... weird question

    So I'm still doing gymnastics and competing (I'm actually competing in the Empire State Games tomorrow) and I just recently bought some of those new adidas leotards that are really shiny. Well today I realized the shiny-ness is coming off of the one already! So I'm curious, how do you guys...
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    Taking my girls to states!

    I am taking my level fours to their state meet this weekend and I am so nervous for them! They have the chance to place and win a banner, a great feat for them, but they have tough competition... we are a team of twelve going against several teams who are much larger... one has forty-five...
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    Team Sleepover

    Hey, I'm holding my annual end of the season sleepover for my team girls. We are doing a survivor theme, where people get "voted" off (losing different strength, flexibility, etc contests) of teams and the winner gets a new leotard. I'm looking for interesting and new games to play with...
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    A Newbie

    :D Just saying hi.