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    Tattoo? Wisdom teeth?

    I still have all my wisdom teeth (extra wise!) but I feel like the protocol for all the kids I've coached who had wisdom teeth extraction or other oral surgery has been: Conditioning (right-side up) and stretching after a few days, when no longer taking pain meds. Nothing upside down or with...
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    Gymnastics in Bordeaux, France

    I coach a 9 year-old female gymnast who is moving to Bordeaux, France this summer. She is Junior Olympic level 3, training her level 4 skills and will be in France for about a year. She would like to continue gymnastics, so if anyone has any recommendations or information on the French system, I...
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    Number of training days per week

    JO 2 and 3: 2 days minimum, 3 recommended JO 4: 3 day minimum, 4 recomended JO 5-6/7: 4 minimum, 5 recommended JO 7(trying for 8) and up: 5 minimum, 6 recommended We do "shorter" days than a lot of gyms. So a 6 day optional is only at 19.5 hours. Edited to add Xcel: 2 days a week for Bronze...
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    SV Level 6/7 for vault table height < 115cm?

    Technically, the gymnast would still have a 10.0 start value, but with a 0.3 neutral deduction off the judges’ average score. There should be no problem with the table going that low. I’ve never seen a vault table at a meet that didn’t go down to 100 cm, and pretty much all the new ones go...
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    SV Level 6/7 for vault table height < 115cm?

    It’s a 0.3 deduction for “incorrect apparatus specifications.”
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    Level 8 beam

    I'm happy to look at it. (level 10 judge)
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    Shoulder dislocation: experiences?

    My shoulder never fully dislocated, but would subluxate all the time when I was in my early 20s after years of dance/gymnastics/aerial arts. Even just walking, it would slide in and out of place. Like you, I am generally hypermobile. I was diagnosed by an ortho with multi-directional...
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    Being in two different clubs for different disciplines

    I think it's worth asking and likely going to be fine as long as the schedules don't conflict too much. I had a gymnast in our artistic pre-team who competed acro with another club. No hard feelings, we don't offer acro.
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    Junior Olympic mobility requirements within gym

    You'll see all sorts of requirements. I require a 9.0 on each event at least once in level 3 (doesn't have to be at the same meet) and being able to do all level 4 skills safely.
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    Competing injured?

    It sounds like you need to find a new gym and a new coach.
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    Conditioning in plaster !!

    I broke my tibia (shin) last fall and then had ankle surgery at the beginning of the summer. I was in a boot for 6-8 weeks each time, not a hard cast. I did a lot of pilates videos to stay in shape, modifying push-ups and such to go from my knees rather than my toes.
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    Gymnastics is F*****

    This article broke my heart. Please, let's all be part of the solution.
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    5 Selected Gymnast..

    I'm pretty sure the team will be Simone, Morgan, and Riley for the AA; Kara on beam only; and Grace on the other events. I think Ragan is the alternate.
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    Gilde kip: how to spot?

    Haha, we just don't let them straddle glide until they can kip cast HS on their own. Problem solved.
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    Laurie Hernandez and Ashton Locklear problems?

    Ashton might be telling the truth though. I have a Twitter, but never log-in, but I've certainly posted comments in the wrong thread or here or responded to the wrong Facebook message. It's easy enough to do if you're multitasking or have fat thumbs. So who knows? It's either teenage drama or...
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    Laurie Hernandez and Ashton Locklear problems?

    I don't follow all this Twitter stuff, but someone on another forum said that after Laurie announced she was training at GymMax, Ashton tweeted "Ew." She then deleted it, and said that she was trying to respond to another tweet.
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    Compulsory order

    A lot of this depends on where you are. In the first state I coached, every compulsory meet had a pre-set order using a random draw. I never once got to pick the order as a coach. In the second state, some meets used random draw, sometimes it was coaches pick. In my current state, every...
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    Switching Teams

    I would keep it really simple: "This is better for my family right now." And then flip the conversation. "I miss Susie. How is she doing these days?"
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    Junior Olympic JO Code changes 2018-2022

    0.3 per swing, plus any execution deductions
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    is there such a thing as prescription ankle braces?

    I was actually given one of these exact braces (in office) by the Sports Medicine Physician - after having ordered one on Amazon myself for a previous injury. When I ordered on Amazon, I went by the size chart. When I was fitted in office, they started with the one according to the size chart...