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  1. 4schnoodle

    Possible move to Fort Worth

    My family will most likely be moving to the Fort Worth area over the summer. My DD is currently a VERY hard working, middle of the road, level 6 gymnast in a lower scoring state. She has never been a big podium placer (due to a very naturally arched back and lack of attention to details)...
  2. 4schnoodle

    Pike flyaway

    So my DD just informed me that she is doing a piked flyaway dismount and it got me curious… How much “Pike” is too piked? Like should her feet go all the way to her face? Should it be more like a 90° angle? This is more just a mom question from curiosity (don’t like to have her discuss too many...
  3. 4schnoodle

    Shoulder Flexibility

    Hello everyone! Longtime reader - first time poster here. My 13 year old DD is a new level 6 and has always struggled with shoulder flexibility. Her coaches have told her multiple times that as her flexibility improves her so will her skills. In a recent progress report her coach mentioned that...