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  1. Laura

    Slow twitch/fast twitch

    I can’t post a reply in The parents forum but I found this a while back and it’s a nice explanation of muscle fibers and their properties
  2. Laura

    New IG account for meal ideas!

    I have just created a new Instagram account to share some of my favourite meal ideas. For the most part they are pretty healthy and easy to make! My aim is for them to be able to be cooked quickly and easily and in one pot only! And for the most part they can be eaten with one implement in one...
  3. Laura

    All Things London

    So it looks like I will be moving to London later on in the year for about 12 months. Depending on a variety of things I would like to get a bit of work whilst there and coaching seems the obvious option. Which gyms (if any) are in north London? My knowledge of London geography is non existent...
  4. Laura

    Leg Confusion .... What Would You Do?

    I have a group of girls training level 4. They have been working round-offs for some time and over the weekend I started to introduce handsprings. Unfortunately we hit a stumbling block when half the group suddenly told me that they cartwheel and handstand on different legs! I knew one girl...
  5. Laura

    My First Clear Hipper!

    One of my girls did her first clear hip tonight! Not only that but the first clear hip in the group too :) Not a bad effort considering we have only worked on them for maybe three classes. These were a couple of the better ones that one of my other girls filmed for me...
  6. Laura

    Looking for a video of a front sault dismount from beam

    Hi all, I am doing a coaching assignment at the moment and I need to describe the ideal model of a front sault dismount from beam. Since I am a terrible artist I am looking for a video of this skill so that I can take screen captures of each part to go along with my written description. I did...
  7. Laura

    How does High School gym work wher you are??

    ....... Just wondering how your high school gym program works? Is it only for high level kids or for everyone? How is it scored? How are awards etc done? What do you think of it? Here, most schools only train for about one term during the year and then there is a big competition at the end...
  8. Laura

    Looking for a specific piece of music....

    I am looking for a specific piece of music to use for a couple of my girls who are getting their first optional floor routine this year. I have been able to find a couple of different versions but not the one I am looking for. Can anyone help me out?? :) This is what I am looking for...
  9. Laura

    End of year awards

    I'm considering doing some end of year "fun type" awards for a group of girls that I coach. Things along the line of most improved, quiet achiever etc. Does anyone have any other ideas that I could use? I would need 8!! Help and suggestions appreciated! :)
  10. Laura

    Q. for gym owners &/or full time coaches (& anyone else who wants to chip in!)

    so.... a little hesitant to ask this question due to the plethora of similar questions but here we go..... a little background: I am 23 and have been coaching for 9 years (training for 17). I have a degree in behavioural neuroscience with a double major in behavioural neuroscience and...
  11. Laura

    increasing strength?

    I have a girl in my squad who I have coached for going on 3 years now (plus she did 6mos to a year of rec before that). anyway.... she is mostly fine on all apparatus (although some increased active flexibility would be nice!:p) but she is absolutely terrible on bars. she can still not do a...
  12. Laura

    new beam mount

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has every done/taught this beam mount: If you have any ideas for starting to learn it or tips on how to do it I would be very appreciative! :D Thanks! :)
  13. Laura

    hurdle question from a video

    I was watching a video linked in the parents forum (Watch this kid!) and then went on to watch some of the other videos of the same girl. There were a couple of training videos and I was wondering about a vault set up they had. YouTube - Gymnastics Training - April (they start vault at about...
  14. Laura

    I feel really bad :(

    I have been coaching for 8 and 1/2 years and have never had a major injury with one of my kids...... until this past fortnight. 2 weeks ago today we were doing bars and practicing long swings. the girl I had up on the bar has been doing gym for several years and we have done swings plenty of...
  15. Laura

    swing to straight legs (mount)

    For next years routines my girls will need to be able to go from straddle sit on the beam and swing up with straight legs to pike stand (hands and feet on the beam). They are having a bit of trouble doing this. They can all swing up to a squat but can't do it with straight legs. I am at a bit...
  16. Laura

    levels/routines question

    I am tentatively thinking of going to the US early next year and would love to do some gym competitions whilst there. Aside from all the other logistics of planning this, I was just wondering what level I would be and what my routines would be worth etc. If someone could take a look at my...
  17. Laura

    tumbling: hurdle

    I have a group of level 3s (girls) who have just finished their competition season and are now working on level 4 skills. we have been doing lots of drills and progressions for round-offs and have started on some for flips. I would like to do some work on hurdles with them as well. In...
  18. Laura

    Skin the Cat

    In the level 3 routine (Australia) there is a skin the cat. they start in inverted pike hold and must return to the same position. The boys I coach have no problem getting in to the skin the cat as they have good shoulder flexibility. But.... returning to pike is another matter! They just...
  19. Laura

    head position in flyaways

    Just wondering where you should look when doing a flyaway?? I asked my coach this last night and she said no-one had ever asked her this before! she is going to find out, but I thought I would get some other opinions as well :)
  20. Laura

    Sharing my excitement :-)

    Well I just thought I would share with you some of my new skills.... lol, it will be nice to tell people who actually know what I am talking about! When I tell my mum she just looks at me and says "is that good?" or "what's that again" lol... so anyway bars: I did flyaway 1/2 twist for the...