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    Any information on TOPS camp?

    We just got the flight info today, our daughter is 10 and made the A team.
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    State TOPS results

    Thank you very much for all the great information, we will be staying in Huntsville at the same place as my daughter's coach. I was thinking about staying at the ranch, but I am not big "camper" so decided to stay at the hotel instead. Can parents just hang out at the ranch while the girls are...
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    State TOPS results

    Thank you for the info, just booked our room at Best Western in Huntsville at very reasonable price!
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    State TOPS results

    Hello, we found out on Friday that my daughter made it to National testing, her score was 170 and she tested as 10 year old. This will be her first time going to National testing and I am just looking for some ideas on hotels, restaurants and driving to the ranch? Thank you and good luck to all...
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    TOPs State testing scoring?

    Hello, I am new to this site and was wondering about the scoring for the state TOPs testing? I know it changed since last year since they added the skills at the state level, but I have no idea how the scoring will go?