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    Skill values and connection

    Hi y’all people who know the COP well can you tell me the skill values and connection values for the following Clear hip handstand + Clear hip 1/1 + Tckatchev Toe on to HS + Bail to HS + Toe on to high bar And what value is a full twisting double layout Thanks you guys!
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    Region 5.....

    It is per age group
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    Competition Leo open back

    My Dds leotards have open backs, she wears a clear strapped bra.
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    Junior Olympic Level 10 floor question

    So my ODD just did level 9 and she competed a double tuck, a double full, and FHS FLO front pike. Whats required for level 10 tumbling and is this a good foundation. She is working double pikes and double lays on a soft landing and 2.5 twists. Any replies are appreciated...thanks.
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    Junior Olympic Questions for parents of level 8-10 gymnasts

    So, this probably varies from gym to gym but how common is it to do multiple years of these levels. My ODD went from level 5 then tested out of 7, competed 8, then this year 9. She did very well and got 2nd AA at easterns. But at our gym its very common to compete 2 plus years of level 8 and 9...
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    Backward Tumbling Required?

    You have to have a back layout in level 7 but thats it I think
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    Junior Olympic Summer Training Hours

    Last year my daughter was going 7 did 25 hours a week
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    Layout step out on beam question...

    Is there a deduction for lack of arch on a layout step out on beam? I have seen this skill two ways like this at 6:15 and Which one is the "correct" way to do it? Im confused Thanks!
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    Random question...

    Thats funny! One of our level threes did that as well this season. We also had a level 10 from our gym get a 9.9 on vault
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    Random question...

    I was just curious...whats the highest score you've seen in person at a meet?
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    Talk to me about front handspring front vault

    I don't think its allowed either but I just searched up the level 8 vault chart it wasn't on there
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    Can someone take a look at this vault plz...

    Well...she did them on a mat in the pit today and landed feet first then fell to her butt so I guess that answers my question and again Im sorry if what I said was harsh or rude my daughter is a perfectionist and I was only trying to help.
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    floor music help

    One of my DDs teammates has King of the Fairies its rally pretty and might work! :)
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    Ankle Injury

    My DD had what looked like a bad sprain over this past summer and it swelled up huge and was all black and blue. She could walk on it but her coaches suggested we take her to the doctor and she got x-rayed and it turned out she had chipped a bone she was in a boot for a month. So things aren't...
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    Older girl with younger gymnasts...problems

    My daughters level 7/8 group consists of 7 including her. She's the youngest, 8, and the oldest is 11. This past week we had a new girl come to our gym, she competed level 7 this past season so she's in my DDs training group. She's 15 and at least a foot taller than the second tallest girl in...
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    Level 8 beam question...

    OHHH! Now that I'm realizing this I sound a little dumb but yes she does do the second BHS with two feet. Thanks so much!
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    Level 8 beam question...

    So, my youngest daughter, 8 years old, just competed level 7. On beam, her series and dismount was BHS BHS BLO. I know that in level 7 you can't to 3 of the same skill...(right!?) and I think the plan for level 8 is to do BHS BLO step out and BHS BHS BLO as dismount. I know her coaches can't be...
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    Can someone take a look at this vault plz...

    Im sorry if what I said came off as rude or pushy I was only hoping someone could give us feedback . My dd said it isn't as good as other peoples in her group and that made me want to see if there were any major issues.