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    New beginnings!!

    Yikes. Just yikes.
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    Difficult Situation

    Best of luck @ her new gym. Looking forward to happy updates!
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    Congratulations to her! !!
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    Finally got it!!

    That is fantastic! !! BHS is a huge milestone for the gymmies! !!
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    now I guess she is semi retired

    Yes, very nice to let her. She obviously won't be competing but can maybe keep her skills up & compete in HS. I think it helps that it is a small gym & small team. Also that she had been going there since she was 5 (now 12).
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    now I guess she is semi retired

    Well back in March my DD decided she wanted to take a break from gymnastics & try dance. She was doing hip hop & tap. She also went back to horseback riding & was loving all the new things & her free time. Well, last week she told me she missed gymnastics. She missed bars & floor. Missed...
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    Heartbroken for 8 yo DD...

    I'm sorry you are going through this. It's hard with siblings really. Not just in gymnastics, seems they are always competing no matter what. When DD was in gym there were several sets of siblings & I saw first hand tje frustration the older ones would have when the hounger caught up or...
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    Old Meet Shirt Ideas?

    i have save all of my DD's to make a quilt. now that she has 'retired' i am just waiting for her to outgrow the ones that still fit !
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    Moving to San Jose

    CONGRATULATIONS GT !!!!!!!!!! very exciting !!! best of luck tl you.
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    Perseverance does pay off

    this is wonderful !!!!!!
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    Sports after gymnastics

    my DD recently quit too. She is taking dance classes - hip hop & tap. loves them both. She also went back to horseback riding. very happy camper. try anything & everything to see what you like best.
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    post 'retirement' update

    as some of you know DD 'retired' from gymnastics @ the end of March after years. just thought I would give my friends an update on life after gym. Although I am still working @ the gym with my preschool & rec classes until the recital in June so while she is gym free I am not :p She does not...
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    What kind of person does this?

    where can I get a stupid filter????????? Congrat'sbto yiur DD on her first place & her score. Some people have nothing better to do than to try to bring other people down.
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    wave towards the south to GT & I in NC while you are in Virginia
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    ^^^^^ now you are one 'like' closer ^^^^^
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    New Comer!

    hi & welcome. you have come to the right place !
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    Feeling of wanting to "Move on"

    can't give any better advice than Dunno. but big hugs as it is hard to stop doing something that seems to 'be what you are'. yes, you are a gymnast but I am sure you are also much, much more. my DD just 'retired' from gymnastics after 6 years. Mainly tired of the hours. wantrd more timenwith...
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    DD did her first back tuck!

    congratulations !!!! sounds like she worked really hard.
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    Ack - Broken Thumb!

    bummer !!!!!!! hope it heels quickly.
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    DD Out For 6 Weeks

    so sorry she is injured & both wrists ! ugh ! 6 weeks will seem like forever but like you said at least it isn't meet season !!!!