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  1. CoachSteph

    Back walk over on high beam

    I have a girl who has a gorgeous back walk over on a line on the floor she takes it to our fat beam and its the same but when we go to a normal floor beam she freaks out. Even if there are panal mats. She used to have the skill on high beam by herself and now all of a sudden she seems to be...
  2. CoachSteph

    What do you want to be/do with your life?

    Well right now I have one more year and I'll be a certified mechanic. After that I want to go on to be able to design cars (Automotive designer.) I also want to continue coaching gymnastics and hopefully have a gym one day. (:
  3. CoachSteph

    strength exercises for BHS

    Actually tell the gymnast to do some kind of conditioning if they don't fix something works well. I am a coach now but I used to be a gymnast and I couldn't do a BHS without landing on my head for over a year and then I learned the trick. Make sure she knows that as soon as her hands hit the...
  4. CoachSteph


    i was little and i didnt know wat alot of things were called we just did them and we called them something else thats how i could not know wat they were
  5. CoachSteph


    ok thank you i was just making sure the shaposhnikova was what i thought it was i used to do them all the time but i lost it and now i dont have it anymore so thank you and thank you for explaining the other one i have to try to explain it to one of my team members a different way because she...
  6. CoachSteph

    Pain Relievers: How much is too much?

    ok i had a knee injury it hurt every time i would jump or vault or tumble or even walk and when i went to the doctor he said to get an mri done and well take it from there i went for the mri and it came back with absolutely nothing wrong well then my doctor said to just ice it and to go to a...
  7. CoachSteph

    Long Time Gymn Fan/ Soon To Be Gymnast

    hey if you need any help with any skills or anything just ask i hope you do well good luck how old are and what level will you be? congradulations
  8. CoachSteph

    i need help with back walkovers on beam

    ok thank you i will try that its weird because i can get my feet on and everything without a wiggle its just my arms but thank you i will try it and ill get back to you
  9. CoachSteph


    can anyone explain what this skill is and a tinscha please? thank you
  10. CoachSteph

    i need help with back walkovers on beam

    i have flexible shoulders thats the problem and they still wont go on the beam even the fat beam we have so we dont know wat 2 do if she spots me i can sumtimes get them on but even then i dont always
  11. CoachSteph

    i need help with back walkovers on beam

    ok i can do a straight leg backwalkover on floor but when it comes to beam i cant seem to get my arms together i dont know why can someone help me i also need to get a standing back handspring but i always seem to crash on the floor i dont know how to do it without crashing i used to do them...
  12. CoachSteph

    Where are all the gymnasts?

    i started gymnastix and dance when i was 3 quit dance at 7 1/2 to do competitive gymnastics was level 7-8 when started was level 10 at age 10 then got injured and went down to level 4 (dont ask it was my coach) adn now i am still workin my way back up im 16 and i am a level 6-7 so yea i can...
  13. CoachSteph


    you could also tell them its like a back extention roll the cum under the bar then they shoot their legs out its worth a try tell them to try to keep their hips to the bar then hollow and shoot out to a landing it helped with the level 4s i trained last year
  14. CoachSteph

    Level 5 Vault

    id have to say try making them think that they are flying like superman we do a drill into the pit to help with this all you do is put a resi in the pit then a springboard infront of it you run and do a front handspring without your hands touching ill try to get a video of it to show you but...
  15. CoachSteph

    kips =[

    ok well at my old gym no one was getting a kip so i explained it like this before you jump to the bar squeeze all your muscles get into a hollow position then jump when you jump you should still be in a hollow position then you open your hips at the end but be sure to squeeze your stomach so...
  16. CoachSteph


    these r alot of fun i had one in my routine when i was younger there even more fun to throw rather than to just watch
  17. CoachSteph

    former gymnast

    hey im steph i just joined i was a level 10 at the age of 10 but now im a level 6 and im 16 i know it sounds weird but if u wanna know wat happened just ask it is killin my body but im still workin at it so yea if u wanna msn me go ahead ur a gymnast now...
  18. CoachSteph

    What are your thought's? ...

    im not a coach but i have been doin gymnastix for 14 years i started when i was 3 and at that age i wanted 2 do it just ask her if she really wants to do it and make sure she knows what shes in for ok make sure she really wants it and just keep asking her every once in a while if u ask her...
  19. CoachSteph

    front hip circle problems

    try thinking of it as like ur sandwhiching the bar its just like pike on the floor if u have enough power ull get it around try squeezing ur knees or putting a band around them to keep them 2gether and to remind u 2 squeeze them good luck