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    AA vs each event medals in Washington state?

    In WA State it depends on the meet, but all of the JO2 - JO4 meets we have been to have done AA only. JO5 and up some of the bigger meets will start doing event medals/ribbons.
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    when can or should your child start to compete

    Some gyms have open try outs see if there is anything scheduled, it's usually in the spring right at the end of competition season.
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    Changing gyms

    If it is a friends thing maybe she could do a trial at another gym with a friend, if they both like it they could switch together. There would obviously have to be some behind the scenes communication with the other family on this and some discreetness.
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    Thank you, deleting post, but not for a bad reason

    For what it's worth 20 years ago I went through something similar with my mom (not gymnastics, but another sport), and everything worked out just fine, and in a short enough time my DD will make a life decision that I'm sure that DW and I will second guess, but as a parent you have to let them...
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    Fish out of water and our new teammates are awful girls.

    If you can't find another gym in time for meet season would she be happier going back to xcel? Does she have friends still in xcel? I know it derails her dream but like bookworm mentions the deck was already stacked against her and wouldn't it be better to enjoy the sport than to endure the...
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    starting gymnastics at 16/17

    Does your highschool offer gymnastics? Some of the highschool programs are setup where they have experienced gymnasts and brand new gymnasts all competing but against relative experience not necessarily against each other, sort of a Varsity and JV differentiation.
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    Tumbling without back handsprings

    Because of injuries Whitney Bjerken did a no shoulder floor routine for a couple of years.
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    Jealousy of other teammates

    My DD went through something similar, I bought her a bag of potato lays, had her put one on her shoulder, and told her "hey look now you have a chip on your shoulder". She did not get/appreciate my Dad humor. We ended up meeting with the coaches and they explained to her what they were looking...
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    5 year old round off back handsprings-average age??

    For JO3 you need a ROBHS and the minimum age for that level is 6, so she's not way ahead of the curve but is toward the front of it. I would guess that the average age is closer to 7 than to 6 though, so congrats to your little one.
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    How should I tell coaches

    Travel meets for our compulsories are elective but in order for the compulsory level to compete a minimum number of girls have to commit so inevitably there is a lot of peer pressure for all the girls to go so that the lower level gets to compete. I wonder if your gym is sort of similar where...
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    My DD's whole squad was recommended ballet to help with their leaps and turns, she only did it for about 3 months, but did seem a lot tighter on the turns, especially when compared to some of the other team members that chose not to do it.
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    Advice Needed :)

    She doesn't sound mentally ready for team. Can't blame her for acting her own age, but being focused and staying on task is part of the challenge of the sport, she just doesn't sound mentally ready. Physically she has talent, but mentally she wants to be 6 and play gymnastics. Your best bet...
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    What's the best thing gymnastics has given your child?

    Friends and a place that she belongs. No confidence lacking in my little one but as her school friends have changed or family friends moved on gym has always been there and it's her happy place for sure.
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    Brand New Gymnast! Advice please?

    Let your club help guide her path, she is only 4 and has lots of time. 1 hour a week is fine to start, the coaches are always looking out for talented young girls and will be happy to invite her to do more if they see potential. I wouldn't start training at a second club, but you might want to...
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    Emotional or something else?

    Agree with @John her identity is as a JO gymnast, the fear of not knowing who you are probably scares her. Has she tried something else (Dance, Diving, Cheer, Etc.) maybe try something else and either she will be OK knowing there are other things out there for her, or it will re-kindle her love...
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    Haney under investigation

    As far as the contract goes I would rather write a contract that is overly strict and then allow exemptions based on individual needs than keeping it vague and then expecting someone to be OK when the scenario comes up where you do have to say no. Like the viewing rule 95 - 99% of the time...
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    Advice Needed :)

    I don't think they wrote her off at all, but for how that gym wants to structure things a 6 year old need to have the focus of an 8 year old. She has the physical skills but mentally checks out. The swim instruction example seems to be proof of that. And when a single girl checks out from...
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    Changes and lack of communication

    Our experience has been similar to yours, I don't think the gyms mean to be like this but in many cases the owner is also the head coach so they have to balance running a business, running a team, coaching, and having a life outside the gym. I feel like they just take on too much and aren't...
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    Which kind of gym is better?

    My DD's gym started like the second gym you described but recently has transitioned into a more fundamental focused gym with slower progression much like the first gym you described, so we've experienced first had a little of both styles of the gym. From our experience, gym 2 the laid back gym...
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    What do I do

    Assuming that the big issue is with the owner, head coach, or someone that has more say in the issue than your child's coach, so it would be unlikely that waiting it out would work out well. Does the coach know where she is going? Is that somewhere your child would be able to follow to or head...