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    Live Streaming of Our 2014 Fundy Gymnastics Invitational

    If you are interested, we will be streaming our 2014 Fundy Gymnastics Invitational all this weekend live after having partnered with Bell Aliant. Here is a picture of our "command centre"! Go to and click the Watch Live link at the top of the page tomorrow, Saturday...
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    New Parallel Bar Station

    Thought you all might like to see the new Parallel Bar Station I created/designed at our gym... Sunken Parallel Bars and an In-Ground Parallel Blocks Station - As far as I am aware, first of its kind in the world!
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    Building Inexpensive PVC Parallettes Gymnastics Parallettes - YouTube
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    Strategies in Gymnastics Routine Training

    Hello All - Hope you enjoy this video ... Strategies in Gymnastics Routine Training - YouTube
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    Men's Gymnastics Physical Preparation - Building Strength Circuits

    Hope you enjoy this video - Men's Gymnastics Physical Preparation - Exercises to Build Into Circuits - YouTube
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    Pulling in on Flyways, or Back Aways

    Hello all, I very often get questions about dealing with the fear of Flyways, or Back Aways, from the High Bar, or Uneven Bars. I am hoping this post will provide some insight for those developing this element and will alleviate some anxiety that parallels acquiring this essential and...
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    2011 World Parallel Bars Champion - Danell Leyva

    Just a quick congratulations to Danell Leyva and his coach Yin Alvarez! Here is Danell preparing for his World Championship title over 4 months ago. Its great to see how much he tightened up and became comfortable with his super difficult set - What an achievement...
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    Teaching & Learning the Giant/Long Swing on Parallel Bars

    Hey everyone - Here is a short video clip about teaching the Giant/Long Swing on Parallel Bars... Hope you enjoy!
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    My New High Bar Videos - Highest Rybalko and Slow Motion Cassina!

    Hello everyone, just thought you might enjoy these two new videos I shot over the summer! Let me know what you think!
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    World Gymnastics Federation - "Evolution"

    IGC is presenting professional gymnastics like never before with "Evolution", a groundbreaking competition at Lehigh University's Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, PA on August 27, 2011. For the first time ever, men and women will compete together on two teams as we showcase the most exciting...
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    A Gymnastics Commentary - Fun In The Gym!

    Hello all, here is a video of the kids that I used to coach - Enjoy!
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    Professional Coaches Diploma Program at International Gymnastics Camp!

    Hello all, If you are interested follow this link - IGC Professional Coaching Program — Gymnastics Thanks!
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    Basic Roll Routines on the Floor

    3GoaCh1U3js Here is a short video on basic rolling on the floor. These roll sequences can be used to retain flexibility, enhance posture and alignment, and improve strength. Enjoy!
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    Skill Perseverance

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    Head Position and Movement in Gymnastics

    Hey everyone, here is a video that I have made about Head Position and Movement in Gymnastics. I hope you enjoy it and learn something from it...Any feedback would be great! M7gQaCEmL2w
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    The Wave Device

    qAneiH4P2S8 This is a video explaining how to convert a Rings Pulley System that many gyms have into a Hollow-Arch, or Courbette, training device named 'The Wave Machine'. Goodluck!
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    The Toe Point Competition

    IASmGjBNedo Join in!!! Let us know how you do...
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    The Healy on High Bar

    1Igtlxk4z7k Hope you enjoy this video, again let me know what you think!
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    Using Gymnastic Straps

    Here is a new video about Gymnastic Straps in Men's Gymnastics hopefully you coaches will benefit from it... YouTube - A Gymnastics Commentary - Using Gymnastic Straps in Men's Gymnastics Once again let me know what you think!!!
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    Here is a new video for you gymnastics coaches out there...

    This video is all about Breaking down skills utilising the Yurchenko as a model YouTube - Strategies in the Breakdown of Gymnastics Skills - Using the Yurchenko Let me know what you think!