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  1. canadiangymmom

    Laura from coaches forum!

    Hi Laura, I saw your post in the coaches forum, about end of the year awards. Since I'm not a coach and can't reply there, I thought I'd offer some suggestions here! You might find you get more replys on this type of question if you post it here, where anyone can offer suggestions...
  2. canadiangymmom

    Information for gym newbies!

    I have a girlfriend who's planning to put her 4 year old in gymnastics, because she wants to "make her like Bean, all flippy and stuff" lol! I've spent some time talking to her about the sport to fill her in on what to expect. When we got started, we had NO idea what we were signing up for...
  3. canadiangymmom

    Encouragement or pressure?

  4. canadiangymmom

    USAG Level 8?

    Hi everyone! In my thread about my daughter's level, there were a number of people questioning some of the skills in her routine. I know that being in Canada, we have different criteria for each level, but was wondering what is allowed in the US. Does anyone know of a simple breakdown...
  5. canadiangymmom

    We have a level!

    Bean came home from gym yesterday with good news and bad. Good news: she had her beam routine choreographed. Bad news, the skills included are for level 8. So, although no ones come right out and said it, it's a safe bet that level 8 it is! She loves her routine, but the excitement was...
  6. canadiangymmom

    First Level 4 Meet Results

    Gymmomntc2e6 L4 meet results!!! ~*~*~GOOD LUCK~*~*~ to your little girl tomorrow!!! My finger are crossed that all the fairies you need arrive on time, and your daughter has the best meet ever! Good luck to all the other girls competing this weekend too...Mariposa?? Your daughter is strutting...
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    Caution, sappy writing enclosed

    I *love* Chalk Bucket!!! Everytime I log in, there's something here for me. A though provoking post, a touching story, an opportunity to share experience, a chance to offer encouragement..the list goes on! I can't express the feeling of logging in only to see my notifications with a bolded 1...
  8. canadiangymmom

    Ontario Qualifiers!

    Well, the excitement is building, we got our list of qualifiers tonight!!! Bean's gym is competing at, Georgetown Dec 4-6 St Catherines Jan 22-24 and Niagara Falls Feb 5-7 if qualified, Ontario Cup, Mar 26-28 if top 24 there, Provincial Championships Apr 23-25 If top 4...
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    Hi everyone! With many of us facing stressors, from illness, relocation, financial burdens among others, I thought we should look for our successes, and those small things that bring a smile! Please feel free to join in, and celebrate the accomplishments of your children, and families...
  10. canadiangymmom

    Home from camp!

    Hurray!! Bean is home, and a day sooner than we'd expected!!! She had the time of her life. I heard WAY too much to possibly include in a single post (gotta love the fast paced chatter of excitement!) but just wanted to share the great news! If any of you ever have this opportunity...
  11. canadiangymmom

    Update-Missing school for gym

    Well, I re-read the "missing school for gym" thread a few times, and decided to take action. The staff are back this week, so I called, hoping to avoid the frustration of trying to reach them during the crazy 1st week chaos! I called yesterday, but had to leave a VM for the principal. When...
  12. canadiangymmom

    Missing school for gym?

    Hello everyone, I have a question for the parents of gymnasts who miss school for training. Bean’s team is going to be training the same number of hours this year as last. (16) They have however, changed the schedule, and now one 4 hour stretch will occur during the day. The reasoning...
  13. canadiangymmom

    Good Luck little Bogs!!

    Hi Bog! I remembered reading that your little Bogs have their evaluations today, so I wanted to wish the good luck! I'm sending the strength, flexibility, and all skills fairies your way!!! If your gym is like mine, you might not know the results for awhile, but please let us know when...
  14. canadiangymmom

    Back to school

    This week was an eventful week. I pretty much broke the bank with the back to school shopping. Clothes X 3/Knapsacks X 3/Lunch bags X 3/Supplies X 3/new competitive gear..the list goes on! The reason for my post is to share that my little runt of a child just bought her 1st pair of size 7...
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    Looking for opinions!

    I know we *must* have some opinionated parent here on the board, so it's time to speak your piece! Bean's coach has narrowed down her floor music to 2 choices. Both tangos, and quite similar. She's given Bean the option to choose, which is proving to be difficult! She's having a hard time...
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    Big Whine

    Whine, whine, whine!! Bean was given a wonderful opportunity to train at a fantastic club in Oshawa, Ontario for a few days this week, while her coach is helping with choreography. She's been texting me with happy updates the whole time, the coach there is an ex-Olympian, the club is...
  17. canadiangymmom

    Bean in training (video)

    Hello All! I finally managed to get into the gym to watch some of the training in action! As requested by Bean, a video has been uploaded to my youtube, showing some of the fun! I couldn't tell you what she was doing through most of the video, I guess progressions of some sort?! Hope you...
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    Summer skills being trained???

    I've seen a few posts excited about the new skills our children are learning, and thought it's time to start a thread! What skills are your children training right now? Are they close on some, struggling on others? I talked to Bean before she left for gym this morning, and her training is...
  19. canadiangymmom

    Bean Update!

    Hi Everyone! It's been awhile, so it's time for an update! Our spring and summer here kicked off a little bit early. Some of you may remember that I was facing surgery for what looked to be a cancer recurrance. Turns out it was, so I had my surgery on June 12th. I'm midway through...
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    Emerald Cup Video

    Well, the quality is terrible, I'm not good at getting these online. It looks great in my camera, lol. Here's Bean's last meet as a level 7!! On to the uptraining! Thanks for watching! YouTube - Emerald Cup Heidi