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  1. skschlag

    Newbie Here

    Welcome! glad you came out of lurkdom!
  2. skschlag

    Grips Sizing Question

    My son has his primaries, his back ups and one more pair waiting at home. It is necessary at the rate he goes through grips. When one pair is done, I go ahead and order the next pair. Shoudl have him check his grips has been a while....
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    NCAA’s new recruiting rules

    Talking boys....very different. Boys in general, do not sign until senior year. It makes this season super exciting!
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    NCAA’s new recruiting rules

    Ah ok. That makes sense
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    NCAA’s new recruiting rules

    That's interesting. The top junior in the country this year hasn't committed yet
  6. skschlag

    NCAA’s new recruiting rules

    A junior boy that committed? In gymnastics? that is RARE! most seniors are just now committing!!!
  7. skschlag

    Last Minute Level Downgrade

    Technically, if everything is right, you get a 40. Deductions happen.
  8. skschlag

    Last Minute Level Downgrade

    SO, I think I get what you are saying. You are saying that with your daughter, if she was not as serious as she is, you would not be at the gym you are at. You would be a different gym, and celebrating her just the same as you do now. However, it sometimes does come across as harsh on kiddos...
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    Kovacs triple back

    Seriously insane!!
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    Stress Fracture Sesamoid Bone

    I fractured my sesamoid bone. I went 2 years before it finally got diagnosed. It was very painful. I was in a boot for over 6 months to heal it, and it healed completely. My sister had the same thing. Neither are gymnasts, our podiatrist said it is often genetic.
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    Live Scoring Link
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    Oh Sam!

    Now a clean slate... comeback time
  13. skschlag

    Oh Sam!

    Man. HOpefully they got that out of their systems and come back stronger. Sigh. I cannot imagine how Sam feels right now!
  14. skschlag

    Idiots guide to NCAA recruiting?

    So yes. I would say before the 2 years of 6th form. That's awesome!!
  15. skschlag

    Idiots guide to NCAA recruiting?

    so, here, you can start communicating between their sophomore and junior years. (so when they have 2 years of HS left). A sophomore is the 2nd year of high school (so 15 yos here). Grades are important. If you go tto the college admissions websites, it should have information on general...
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    Booster Club Advice

    So, if your booster club pays the meet fees for all athletes and this gymnast is competing, the club would pay his/her meet fees just like any other athlete. The rest gets fuzzy if the BC is paying the coaches. I am not sure how that would work since the gyms we have been at always paid the...
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    Hello there

    Mom of a l10 boy.
  18. skschlag

    Hello there

    Welcome!!! What do//did you coach?
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    Competition fees/expenses

    Not in your area, but I have a boy gymnast, L10. our meet fees, coach fees, coach travel were more than that by just a little. So I would say it is definitely in the ballpark. My son has 6 meets, 2 of which are out of state (flying), 2 instate but require overnight stays and 2 local. Then...
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    What life lessons does your child miss because of gymnastics?

    So, my son's practice is 2-6. I do let him leave early for dances, and he goes to football games late. Most start at 7, and he has an hour drive. But we do allow him to miss practice for fun events like that. It is important. He does a couple of clubs who meet at lunch that he will do. It...