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  1. amiandjim

    Pirouettes , blind , front giants

    I’m just going to say, taking a child out of a training group for a tear in her eye, is just crazy. I feel like we are missing part of the picture here.
  2. amiandjim

    Competition leo

    Yes, I totally get that. I do. But, USAG didn’t enforce it, and as such, I simply meant they won’t until next August. I probably should have been more clear. And yes, I agree it was in response to a few specific gyms, but I also place some blame on the leo companies. Why even offer such an...
  3. amiandjim

    New York Times Article

    I know you enjoy your anonymity, but man, I wish I knew which school you are always referring to. It sounds horrific.
  4. amiandjim

    Competition leo

    Well, yes, that’s true.
  5. amiandjim

    Competition leo

    Yes, it’s 0.2 but not until next season.
  6. amiandjim

    Tips for higher casts?

    You probably won’t find that here. Leave it to the coaches. If you don’t trust the coaches, find new coaches. The one thing I will ask is, has she had a growth spurt? If she has, they can very often affect her gymnastics. It can take time to catch up to that.
  7. amiandjim

    HELP: Breaking a gym $$ contract to change gyms

    Sadly, I immediately assumed you were from that state when I read your post. That’s so sad for those children. We are in your region, but it is NOT common here. In fact, about 8-9 years ago, a coach left our gym and opened a new gym. Many girls followed him, especially upper levels. A few...
  8. amiandjim

    Tops National Test Score Calculation

    Look above
  9. amiandjim

    Training hours

    Well, this is obviously highly variable but I will give my opinion just based on what I’ve seen. I would think by age 10, MOST kids (and yes, I know there are outliers like Jade Carey) that go Elite are at least doing level 7-9. So, at that point, they are probably doing 20-24 hours or so. I...
  10. amiandjim

    Last Minute Level Downgrade

    All of this. Thank you for saying it so well.
  11. amiandjim

    Floor Routines

    Sure, but $3200 seems excessive for travel and expenses.
  12. amiandjim

    Floor Routines

    I find it interesting that the same choreographer charges different amounts to different gyms. For example, I believe the above mentioned choreographer charges $400-$450 at our gym.
  13. amiandjim

    Junior Olympic Floor music

    1:15 is the max time without getting a deduction. There is no minimum time.
  14. amiandjim

    JO Nationals is NOT in Indy for 5 years! Coach P will be!
  15. amiandjim

    level seven beam acro series

    Bhs bhs, handstand bhs, tick tock bhs..a number of things. What does your coach say?
  16. amiandjim

    Level 6 casts

    The special requirement is above horizontal. However, there is a deduction for any cast that is below 45 degrees above horizontal. It used to be anything below handstand, but that changed last year.
  17. amiandjim

    Kara Eaker's beam at Worlds

    They took out the switch ring! Smart!
  18. amiandjim

    Oh Sam!

    Wed 7:45 AM Olympic channel live or 3:00 PM ET on NBC sports
  19. amiandjim

    Oh Sam!

    He is in 22nd now with a sub still to go! He may not make it.