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    Level 9 bar requirements

    I have no idea what you are even talking about...... And personal insults ?
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    Level 9 bar requirements

    You asked the public for info , I replied ... I gave you an explanation and a potential solution . Also Not competing is the ultimate motivator .
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    Level 9 bar requirements

    She only has one tenth of bonus, so the coach is obviously trying to get more bonus or she won't be competitive . You need 3 but 2 is doable. I wouldn't compete it either. half pirouette to toe Hecht would add another tenth. or free hip direct to double back will do the same.
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    it’s a no brainer. if you bring it up to your kid she is going to say , duh... It’s common sense , but so is not running a stop sign . Things happens
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    Guys I understand you want to feel comfort in thinking your kids are properly trained etc... but I have seen the best of the best make this error . Every kid knows and learns early on not to do this . But it only takes a split second decision ... she obviously did not do it intentionally...
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    Grips Sizing Question

    One of my gymnast forgot her grips at state last week. So her mom had to drive an hour and 15 minutes in both directions to get her grips. She wasn’t able to warm up and compete with her team because her grips didn’t arrive in time. So she competed in the next group and won bars yay. :-)
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    Broken Toe

    Extra bars
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    Pirouettes , blind , front giants

    Because she is going 7 doesn’t need a pirouette yet. and the front giant takes longer to learn . The pirouette / blind will be taught Later.
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    Grips Sizing Question

    Backup pair is mandatory on our team. The grip is likely leather , it will stretch . You cannot shrink them . So get the same size . She should be able to swing full routines in both pairs . Last year one of my level 10 tore her grip at regionals .
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    Level 3 , they learn it on beam . Dismount . But drilling never to slip grip is also done , starting in level 4 . The front mill circle in level 3 bars is also training to change the grip in order to swing backward .
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    The following info is based on the same information that everyone is reading online (I do not have any inside info). . Why am I writing this? Because if it helps just one child then it's totally worth it..... Its something we drill into our kids Not to do and I am sure was drilled into...
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    Absolutely horrific, every gymnast, parent and coaches nightmare.... This is an incredibly hard sport and one little mistake at exactly the wrong time can have unthinkable effects.... So what do we do? The only thing we can do.... Talk about it, analyze it, rationalize it, create a...
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    Gifts for Coaches

    Amazon gift cards, visa gift cards. I like these the most. Sometimes the groups get together and chip in for a card. Those are my personal favs. Least favorite is cookies etc.. I am already fat enough. :)
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    Tips for higher casts?

    Yes, best tip ever. Let your child do gymnastics without hovering over her. The end result will be her quitting in a few years (or less) because it's not fun and pleasing you got really really old. Or worse she could develop anxiety and fear issues, none are good.... Gymnastics is already...
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    Problem with cast handstand clear hip to handstand

    kip cast pike, kip cast pike, kip cast pike, kip cast pike, kip cast pike. every day, until they hit pike handstand and fall over on soft mat, (I also put a small pad around the bar between hands so if shins hit it doesn't hurt). Then when H stand is solid in pike shape... add straddle...
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    Body image

    no Coach, and no one online should be giving advice about this unless it's to get help elsewhere. This is the job of a trained professional. Please shut this thread down.
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    Body image

    first rule of body Imaging is we don't talk about body imaging , second rule of body imaging is WE DON"T TALK ABOU BODY IMAGING.
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    Mihai Brestyan finished Australia Contract

    What type of Devo do they have ?
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    JO Nationals is NOT in Indy for 5 years!

    The Original proposal was shot down for good reason . Way to many negatives to get into . However any alternate will be able to compete at nationals if they won an event at regionals. That is what I heard , so don’t quote me. :)