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    Possible move to Fort Worth

    Thanks for the heads-up.
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    Possible move to Fort Worth

    Thanks so much to everyone! Y’all have been so helpful.
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    Possible move to Fort Worth

    Ooooh thanks for all the suggestions . I know nothing about TAAF so I will definitely look into that. We are anticipating moving somewhere in the Lewisville area which is Northeast of Fort Worth. As far as commute goes... I would say about 45 minutes (since we will have no immediate family in...
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    Possible move to Fort Worth

    20 hours total - (4 hours/5 days a week).
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    Possible move to Fort Worth

    My family will most likely be moving to the Fort Worth area over the summer. My DD is currently a VERY hard working, middle of the road, level 6 gymnast in a lower scoring state. She has never been a big podium placer (due to a very naturally arched back and lack of attention to details)...
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    Pike flyaway

    Thanks. Just didn’t know what to look for when she competes it and I’ve seen such a variety of angles.
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    Pike flyaway

    So my DD just informed me that she is doing a piked flyaway dismount and it got me curious… How much “Pike” is too piked? Like should her feet go all the way to her face? Should it be more like a 90° angle? This is more just a mom question from curiosity (don’t like to have her discuss too many...
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    Update on Chalkbucket baby

    Thanks so much for this! It really puts it all in perspective. So happy for you and your family.
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    Gymnastics Hours for Team during the school year

    That's our hours (but we do have Saturday practice) and the kids seem to do fine with it.
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    Trampoline parks

    As far as the original question- our coaches have never told our kids anything about it (and we have 4 within a 25 mile radius).
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    update on Chalkbucket baby and Brain cancer

    Fantastic news! Stories like this really help keep it all in perspective.
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    What would happen if she were to compete?

    I have no idea how these amazing gymnasts do it! So inspirational.
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    Good luck to..

    That's so sad. So much hard work and then such a disappointment. :( Praying for a speedy recovery.
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    Coaching - What difference does it make?

    Exactly this!!
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    Not excited, but not sad

    I don't think my DD became fixated until she was older (10 maybe?) so I say enjoy the lax attitude while you still can. ;)
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    things to do at a gymnastics sleepover

    If you have a yard, playing badminton or croquet can be so fun. Watching super athletic kids awkwardly swatting the air is so funny and most kids (in my area as least) have never played so they are all beginners. For inside - I second the spa idea. My dd made bath bombs and soap and it was a...
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    Gym Scavenger Hunt

    Because I think it looks so interesting, Google "human table trick" and look at the images. You need chairs to start, but it's definitely a trust builder!
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    My 11 year old DD just received a recruiting letter!!

    Congratulations! What an exciting moment! Definitely keep that for the scrapbook.
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    "Meet the New Elites" - From cheer straight to L10

    Holy moly! That's crazy! She must be super talented.
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    Compulsory Routines Practice 2017-2018

    For us Compulsories are late August/early September. Optionals are a little bit earlier (likely because of scheduling the choreographer).