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  1. Geoffrey Taucer

    Training game: brainstorm/game design

    The other day I came up with a workout game that can be used on all events. Each basic or routine skill is worth a certain number of points (which you only get for clean execution), and each upgrade skill costs a certain number of points. Basic skills also have bonuses for specific performance...
  2. Geoffrey Taucer

    Practice during vacation ?

    Imagine doing this floor routine: .... and only being the second-best gymnast living in your house
  3. Geoffrey Taucer

    Deductions on Roundoff Back handspring Back Tuck?

    This makes much more sense, and hadn't occurred to me! Thanks!
  4. Geoffrey Taucer

    Deductions on Roundoff Back handspring Back Tuck?

    Hurdle is a bit high, and you turn slightly too early for my liking in the roundoff entry. You won't get deducted for either, but both are likely to contribute to subsequent deductions (fixing the hurdle/entry will give you straighter and more powerful tumbling in general). First deduction that...
  5. Geoffrey Taucer

    Last Minute Level Downgrade

    One gym I used to work at dropped girls down a level a week before the first meet on several occasions over several years. On every single occasion, I think it was the wrong decision; they either should have done it far earlier or not done it at all. Do what you feel is best for your DD, but if...
  6. Geoffrey Taucer

    Veterans: post tips for new coaches

    Agreed, and I have no problem whatsoever with coaches voluntarily attending meets without pay, as long as everybody is completely clear that they are not obligated to, and that there will be no penalty whatsoever should they decline to attend, or should they arrive late, or leave early, or...
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    Veterans: post tips for new coaches

    Gonna bump up this thread again, with some advice that I recently gave to another young coach: Two things you should always always keep in mind. First, your passion for the sport makes you more valuable, not less. Second, every gym in the country is always short-staffed, no exceptions. The...
  8. Geoffrey Taucer

    Kovacs triple back

    The holy grail of high bar releases has now been caught:
  9. Geoffrey Taucer

    Back hip circle undershoots

    -2 BHC -1.5 BHC, stop them in candlestick, then spot them to push out -BHC undershoot (I always refer to it as one and a half back hip circles to undershoot anyway)
  10. Geoffrey Taucer

    5 year old round off back handsprings-average age??

    Backhandsprings at that age is impressive. Without trying to detract at all from that, I'd like to respectfully caution you to please be wary here. I have seen formerly sane people whose daughter hits one or two milestones ahead of the curve, and then they fall down the rabbit hole of thinking...
  11. Geoffrey Taucer

    International Elite Kohei Uchimura Competes after Injury

    He's past his prime, but he'll always be King Kohei to me
  12. Geoffrey Taucer

    Custom Floor music

    I know Energym is still active. (I also know Taucer studios is not -- I forget if I left it up on the thread) No idea about Jumptwist
  13. Geoffrey Taucer

    2021-2029 Compulsory Sneak Preview

    Reading through, commenting as I go (Why do levels 1 and 2 even exist? Kids at that level should be focusing on individual skills, not learning routines and competing) BARS: LOVE LOVE LOVE the two consecutive back hip circles at level 3. I've been saying forever that this should be in...
  14. Geoffrey Taucer

    Weight Gain and how to "address" it with DD

    High risk of significant harm, small chance of minor benefit..... I honestly wouldn't address it at all. If she is a teenage girl and a high level gymnast who spends significant amounts of time in a leotard around other athletes, then I 100% guarantee you any changes in her body have not...
  15. Geoffrey Taucer

    Front tuck help

    Video would be helpful, but here are a few things that are generally likely to help: 1) Straight jump, straight jump, front tuck on tumbletrak. By eliminating the forward momentum from a run, this reinforces a good vertical set 2) Big, high, floaty, slow 3/4 fronts on trampoline. Watch the...
  16. Geoffrey Taucer

    Tips on fixing/working around BHS issues

    In theory, a perfect whip should be more-or-less interchangeable with a BHS
  17. Geoffrey Taucer

    Tips on fixing/working around BHS issues

    Back handspring to flat belly is my favorite for fixing BHS form
  18. Geoffrey Taucer

    Social media

    Current USAG and SafeSport policy prohibit coaches from "friending" or messaging athletes on social media.
  19. Geoffrey Taucer

    Dating amongst coaches and parents help please

    Favoritism during practice might be an issue. But consenting adults can date each other, and it's nobody else's business.
  20. Geoffrey Taucer


    Some relevant reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overjustification_effect EDIT: If I heard of any of my team parents doing this, I would immediately have a meeting with them about the importance of team cohesion. If I had the authority to do so, I would threaten them with immediate...